PRINCE2® Overview

A short course on what this methodology covers and how it is applied

Projects bring together resources, skills, technology and ideas to deliver business benefits or to achieve business objectives. Good project management helps to ensure that these benefits and objectives are delivered to an appropriate level of quality and within the constraints of time and cost. It is also an essential element in managing the risks inherent in change and innovation.

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Purpose of this course

PRINCE2 is a comprehensive, structured project management method used extensively by the UK government. It is also widely recognised and used by the private sector, both in the UK and internationally. The method can be applied to all kinds of projects, including information systems projects. This intensive overview describes the main elements of the method, including components, processes and techniques. It also places PRINCE2 in an organisational context and discusses the issues surrounding the implementation of the method.

Who is this course for

Anyone who wishes to gain a clear and concise understanding of the background, structure and applicability of PRINCE2.

You will learn how to
  • Understand the language of PRINCE2 and how the method should be suitably applied to differently-sized projects
  • Appreciate the roles involved in making project management a collaborative effort
  • Understand the principles that underpin the method
  • Be aware of the processes and themes advocated by PRINCE2 and how their appropriate use can make project success more likely to happen
Benefits for your organisation

Attendees should gain a good appreciation of the advantages to using a structured method such as PRINCE2. They will learn the distinct roles involved in a project management team and the reporting requirements for all of them. They will appreciate how a Business Case underpins a project and how it should be regularly updated and assessed to gauge the continuing viability of the project.

Benefits for you as an individual

You will understand the PRINCE2 method in summary form and be taught the benefits of using the method and, additionally, the importance of tailoring the method so that it is used appropriately.

Projects and Project Management

Project Definition
Characteristics of a Project
What is PRINCE2
Why do Projects Fail
Benefits of using PRINCE2
Structure of PRINCE2

PRINCE2 Principles

Continued Business Justification
Learn from Experience
Defined roles and responsibilities
Manage by stages
Manage by exception
Focus on products
Tailor to suit the Project Environment

PRINCE2 Processes

Starting up a Project
Directing a Project
Initiating a Project
Controlling a Stage
Managing Product Delivery
Managing a Stage Boundary
Closing a Project
Prepare Premature Closure

PRINCE2 Themes

Business Case theme
Commercial, Customer, Supplier environment
Organisational Theme
The 3 Project Interests
The Project Board

Plans & Planning

Levels of Plan
Product-Based Planning
Product Breakdown Structure

The Management of Risk

What is Risk Management?
Risk Management Procedure
Cause, Event, Effect
Identifying Risks
Assessing Risks
Risk Tolerance
Risk Budget

Quality in a Project Environment

Key Definitions
Customer Expectations
Acceptance Criteria
Quality Management Strategy

Change Control and Configuration Management

Types of Issue
The PRINCE2 Approach
Configuration Management Strategy
Change Budget
Change Authority


What are Progress Controls?
Exceptions and Tolerances
Project Board Controls
Project Manager Controls
Use of Management Stages for Control
Event-Driven and Time-Driven Controls
Capturing and Reporting lessons


A basic awareness of project work in the delegate's own business environment.

About the Lead Trainer

Alex knows his project management inside out, currently teaching PRINCE2®, Change Management and APM PMQ courses. He’s a real advocate for Quanta business games knowing that being part of a live scenario is by far the best way to get to grips with project management.