MSP® Overview

A structured framework for defining and managing complex programmes leading to change

This course is a rapid run through of the key principles of Programme Management and the processes that should be followed to achieve a successful outcome according to the Managing Successful Programme (MSP) framework.

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1 Day
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Private Only
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Purpose of this course

The course will cover the MSP methodology identifying the key elements and critical success factors for any programme and will provide an effective introduction for groups and teams of all levels at the start of an implementation or adoption of these techniques. It can also act as very effective preparation for the 5 day course.

Who is this course for

Senior managers, Programme leaders, Project teams, Business analysts and Operations staff involved in change programmes or who wishes to understand what MSP can do for their programmes or organisation.

You will learn how to
  • Appreciate the framework offered by MSP to support programmes
  • Become familiar with the roles and responsibilities associated with using MSP, such as the SRO, Programme Manager and Business Change Manager
  • Appreciate the relationship between MSP’s principles, its transformational flow and its governance themes
  • Appreciate the tension between strategy, programmes and business as usual
Benefits for your organisation

The course relays the importance of an orderly management of change which, in a programme environment, is especially difficult to achieve. The focus of the overview course is to highlight the strengths of the MSP framework, notably its emphasis on an orderly transition between the changes delivered by the programme and the operational environment that is to receive it, and, in addition, the techniques offered to identify and measure benefits.

Benefits for you as an individual

The course will help you gain an awareness of the MSP framework, to appreciate the roles involved in its use and to understand the benefits of using the approach to manage programmes.

The Identification Process
  • The key steps and the interface with strategic change drivers
The Definition Process
  • The key elements of taking a programme from concept to reality
Managing the Tranche
  • Controls to assure delivery of the new capability and the benefits
Delivering Capability
  • Organisational change concepts and interventions required to release benefits
Realising Benefits
  • The role of the projects in a programme scenario
Managing Closure
  • Steps in a structured Closure to ensure that the defeat is not snatched from the jaws of victory
Vision and Blueprint
  • Painting a picture of a better future supported by a detailed description of the outcomes
Organisation and Leadership
  • The key roles and layers of control within a programme
Benefits Management
  • Critical role of benefits and the processes that define and release them
Risk and Issue Management
  • Levels of Risk, responsibilities and mitigation strategies that can be used
Planning and Control
  • Identify the contents of a Programme Plan and the role of Tranches and the Dependency Network
Stakeholder Management
  • Techniques that can be used for identifying and managing stakeholders and effective communications
Business Case
  • Key elements and its role as a control tool within a programme
Quality Management
  • Look at the role of Audit, Assurance and Configuration Management within a programme

There are no pre-requisites for this course and it is designed for people with minimal experience.