MSP® Advanced Practitioner

The highest MSP qualification focusing on transformational change

The MSP Advanced Practitioner course builds on the MSP Foundation and Practitioner course by providing a further focus on the application of MSP.

Delegates will apply the best practices of MSP in relation to a case study where they will write and critique elements of MSP such as a vision statement, blueprint, benefits profile and the organizational structure.

Course Code
2 Days
Delivery Style
Course Type
Public or Private
Max Delegates
Available as Nutshell

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Purpose of this course

The purpose of MSP at the advanced practitioner level is to confirm you could lead a programme of transformational change.

Who is this course for

Those who seek to deepen their understanding of MSP, typically those that occupy a programme role, such as programme manager, senior responsible owner, business change manager or programme office member. Project sponsors/executives, project managers and project office members will also benefit.

You will learn how to
  • Apply MSP Principles, Governance Themes and Transformational Flow to real life situations.
  • Be thoroughly versed in key linkages between MSP Governance Themes, Transformational Flow, Deliverables & Roles
Benefits for your organisation

The MSP Advanced Practitioner is the highest qualification for the Managing Successful Programs methodology and focuses on its practical application.  This course relays the importance of an orderly management of transformational change and focuses on the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve this.

Benefits for you as an individual

Through completing this course you will be able to demonstrate discernment and judgement of critical programme information, taking a broad view of the management and health of programmes, and apply, if required, pragmatic solutions to help in their success.



MSP Governance Themes
  • Organisation
  • Vision
  • Blueprint
  • Leadership
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Benefits management
  • Planning and control
  • Business case
  • Risk and issue management
  • Writing and critiquing documentation pertaining to the above themes
MSP Transformational Flow
  • Recap of the flow process
  • What is created?
  • What is updated, when, why and by whom?
Programme Office
  • Typical responsibilities
  • Benefits of such an office

Delegates should hold a current MSP Practitioner qualification.  Experience of a programme environment will be beneficial.

Pre-course work required

You will be advised to familiarise yourself again with MSP and the course text.  As this course is about the application of leading a transformational change, anything you can bring supporting how you have done this in the past would be beneficial and you might be eligible to use it as an exam aid at the end of the course.

More about the exam

3 hour essay based exam, featuring up to 3 questions per paper, 75 marks available in total 38 marks required to pass (out of 75 available) - 50%.  Exam is Open-book (other material in the form of course notes, examples, copies of presentations, etc. can be used during this examination but no electronic aids, such as laptops, may be used).

If taken as online proctored exam there is an additional £25 fee payable per exam