MoR® Overview

A one day, high level introduction to risk management.

Risk management is an essential element in a dynamic environment, which ensures that change initiatives deliver intended benefits or achieve business objectives of strategic importance.

This short overview course will introduce different interrelated perspectives, which anybody involved in risk management needs to be aware of.

It will consider the underlying principles, the risk management process and techniques inherent in risk management, to minimise threat and maximise opportunities to contribute towards the achievement of objectives.

Course Code
1 Day
Delivery Style
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Public or Private
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Purpose of this course

To familiarise the delegate with concepts of Management of Risk and to improve risk based decisions within an organisation.

Who is this course for
  • Anybody who needs to gain an awareness of the aspects of managing risk, to be exposed to a formal approach and process.
  • Personnel who need to appreciate the importance of documentation to inform decisions when presented with multiple courses of action
  • Anybody who would benefit from exposure to the vocabulary used in risk management.
You will learn how to
  • Have an appreciation of best practice, with regards to risk management.
  • You will appreciate the roles recognised to be addressed. 
  • You will learn the different perspectives when risk exists and when to escalate, delegate and manage within a perspective.
  • You will learn a robust, scalable best practice process to identify, assess, plan and implement risk management.
  • You will learn to tailor the principles, approach and documentation, as well as the process for the environment.
Benefits for your organisation

Employees at all levels in the organisation will have an understanding of a best practice methodology which is used throughout the public and private sector within the UK, which can be tailored for the organisation to improve the decision making process.

The organisation will benefit from consistency in approach to risk management, allowing employees to contribute and mature the environment; resulting in increased efficiencies and improvement to allow the organisation to thrive in an ever more challenging environment.

Benefits for you as an individual

The individual will be able to be aware and actively participate consistently in managing risk, identifying and actioning appropriate opportunities, as well as minimising threat and aspects that might negatively affect the implementation of change; hence, increasing the the likelihood that the change initiative will be embedded.

Having an appreciation of risk will allow an informed decision when choosing the right time to intervene proactively and when it is more appropriate to "take the chance", or invest in in appropriate mitigating actions.  

Introduction to Risk Management
  • The context and environment of risk
  • Key risk terms


Risk Management Principles and Perspectives
  • 8 MoR Principles
  • 4 Perspectives


An Approach to Risk Management
  • Central documents
  • Plans
  • Records
The Risk Management Process and Overview of Techniques to be used in the Process
  • Identify
  • Assess
  • Plan
  • Implement
  • Related techniques


Continuous improvement
  • Embed and review risk management

To have an intention to gain more knowledge of Management of Risk.

Pre-course work required


More about the exam

There is no exam directly related to this course, but could serve as precourse material for a full MoR course.