Management of Risk (M_o_R® 4) Practitioner

Learn how to implement an effective framework to make cost effective use of risk

Management of Risk (M_o_R®) is the best practice developed by the UK Government.  In today’s business environment risk is being put under the spotlight more and more and this intensive course will introduce you to risk at project, programme, business and strategic levels.

Course Code
3 Days
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Public or Private
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Purpose of this course

Effective management of risk and informed risk-taking helps to improve performance through innovative approaches for managing the business, service delivery and value for money.  Risk is often perceived as a negative but this course will show you it can equally be a positive force.

Who is this course for

Portfolio, Programme and Project Professionals as well as any staff with risk management responsibilities, in project, programme or operational activities, or who are involved in improving risk management practice in their organisation.  Including; Operational; Risk; Business Change Managers and Directors.

You will learn how to
  • Understand risk management principles and their purpose
  • Understand how risk management can be utilised within the 6 perspectives
  • Implement the 8 risk management processes to create and protect value
  • Be aware of how People and Culture can effect the direction of Risk Management
Benefits for your organisation

As risk is a factor in all organisations, particularly when changes are being introduced, it can be of great benefit if individuals have been exposed to risk management in depth, expanding their awareness of how to identify and deal with risks (both threats and opportunities). This can seep into the culture of the organisation, heightening risk awareness.

Benefits for you as an individual

M_o_R offers a wide-ranging set of guidelines that will help in the management of risk in a project or programme environment. The course will help prepare the delegate for the exam. After attending the course, delegates should feel confident in approaching risk management and aware of the use of different techniques that can assist in this task.


  • Overview of MoR
  • What is risk and risk management
  • Challenges of applying risk management
  • The MoR Manual


Overview of the principles:

  • Aligns with Objectives
  • Fits the Context
  • Engages Stakeholders
  • Provides clear guidance
  • Informs decision making
  • Facilitates Continual Improvement
  • Creates a support Culture
  • Achieves Measurable Value


Overview of Perspectives:

  • Strategic
  • Portfolio
  • Programme
  • Project
  • Product
  • Operational


  • Overview of people considerations
  • Decision Bias
  • Shaping a supportive culture
  • Overcoming common challenges in application


  • Define Context and objectives
  • Identify threats and opportunities
  • Prioritise Risks
  • Assess combined risk profile
  • Plan responses
  • Agree Contingency
  • Monitor and Report Progress
  • Review and Adapt

Implementing MoR4 Across different operating models

  • Purpose
  • Functional vs product -orientated operating models
  • The value of MoR4

There are no prerequisites for this course although some previous experience of Risk Management in a working environment is advantageous, this can be from a Project, Programme or Organisational level.

More about the exam
  •  Practitioner objective-testing format
  • Exam duration - 2 hours and 15 Minutes
  • This is an ‘open book’ exam. 
  • Questions are multiple choice
  • A total score of 33 out of 65 (50% or higher) is required to pass
  • Only one exam

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Please be aware that if you are on a face to face course in Worcester you will not be able to do your exam from our facility, sorry for any inconvenience this causes.