Time Management for Homeworkers

Overcoming time management difficulties when working remotely

Time management is a challenge for many of us to master in the easiest of times, but when we are working from home, it can be even more of a challenge. Without the boss looking over our shoulder, with distractions from family, chores and devices and more of a need to structure our own day the challenges of prioritisation and focus become greater. 

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3 Hours
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Purpose of this course

This snappy bite-sized session introduces the core concepts of time management and provide you with a range of tools and techniques to take away and put into practice. Based on the latest thinking in the field and some time-honoured classic principles, this practical course will provide you with the groundwork to take back control of your time.

Who is this course for

Anyone who is working from home or remotely.

You will learn how to
  • Apply key Time Management principles
  • Delegate effectively
  • Apply tools and techniques to help manage your time
  • Control your devices
Benefits for your organisation

People being able to managed their time effectively is a key driver in productivity. Now with your workforce so dispersed, how can you ensure you get the most out of them. This bite sized course will give them the tools and techniques to increase their productivity in a home or remote environment.

Benefits for you as an individual

Time management is something that is simple in theory but hard in practice.  Now more than ever as a home worker are you responsible for your time.  The tools and techniques within this bite sized course will ensure you still get the most out of your day wherever you are working from.

  • The key to effective time management – working smarter, not harder.
  • Key principles: 
    • Focus on what you can control and influence 
    • Know where you are heading 
      • The importance of vision and goals
      • How to create a vision  
    • The Eisenhower principle  - Important vs Urgent
  • Delegation – a manager’s most powerful tool. What prevents us from delegating?
  • Saying ‘no’  and taking back control 
  • Meetings – your biggest time waster?
  • Tools and techniques: 
    • Eat the frog
    • Pareto principle
    • Pomodoro technique
  • Control your devices. Do not let them control you.