Resilience 101: Building resilience in times of adversity

Introducing resilience and how to develop it.

A comprehensive introduction to the subject of resilience and how to develop it. This bite-sized course provides an overview of the key practices of resilient people and introduces you to a range of tools and techniques that you can start using straightaway; from the benefits and practise of gratitude through to taking a different attitude towards failure. You will assess your current resilience levels and reflect on your previous experiences in overcoming adversity.

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3 Hours
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Public or Private
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Purpose of this course

Resilience is important, maybe now more than ever.  Let us give you some techniques to build and increase yours.

Who is this course for

Anyone wishing to build their resilience.

You will learn how to
  • Understand what resilience is
  • How to develop resilience
  • Introduce you to key practices
  • Assess your current resilience level 
  • Start to overcome adversity
Benefits for your organisation

Your business is going through unprecedented times and the uncertainty that brings to your employees can lead to stress, anxiety and lower psychological well-being.  This short course will start to give your employees the power to start to combat that! Looking after your employees at times like this is perhaps more important than ever.

Benefits for you as an individual

The tools and techniques you will learn, can help everyone through these times of uncertainty and not only improve your well-being but offer you the opportunity to thrive. In fact, facing and overcoming adversity can have significant positive impact on your lives.

  • Defining resilience
  • The benefits of adversity
  • Your experiences of overcoming adversity 
  • Can we become more resilient?
  • Practices of resilient people – an overview of the key skills, mindsets and behaviours
  • Gratitude 
    • The benefits and importance
    • Practising gratitude 
  • Kindness and giving 
  • The mind-body link
    • Sleep
    • Diet
    • Exercise
  • Learning and growing
    • Why we need to continually develop
    • Growth mindset explained
  • Connection and relationships
    • Paying attention
    • Disconnect your device