Practical Performance Management

Learn how to motivate your team members and turn under performers into top performers

Tailored specifically to your work situation and those aspects of performance management that you find difficult, this highly interactive module focuses on motivating and communicating with team members and handling those difficult conversations with under-performers.

This hugely enjoyable course uses 'Forum Theatre' and professional actors to ensure that you get the best from your staff. Whilst public courses use pre-agreed scenarios and filmed actors, Private Courses have the option of using live actors and your own scenarios agreed up front.

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1 Day
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Public or Private
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Purpose of this course

This course aims, with the help of interactive drama based activities, to give your managers the techniques and confidence to tackle issues of performance with members of their team in a constructive and empowering manner. 

Who is this course for

This course is ideal for Managers or Team Leaders who need the tools and confidence to manage under performers in their team.

You will learn how to
  • Identify where performance in team members needs developing
  • Choose and use a variety of tools and techniques to improve performance
  • Give feedback to team members in a constructive and motivating manner
  • Reflect upon and use 'core' interpersonal skills more effectively
  • Identify opportunities to coach your staff and use effective coaching methods (such as active listening, questioning techniques, body language, and voice tone)
  • Use a 'Learning Conversation' to improve performance
  • Make every contact with their staff a 'quality' one which enhances relationships and improves the working climate
Benefits for your organisation

Performance Management is essential to all organisations. Allowing poor performance to occur reduces productivity from the under-performer but also reduces general staff moral, generates resentment and can lead to a culture of complacency. This course seeks to help your managers constructively manage the performance of their team members, leading to a culture of high performance and an empowered workforce.

Benefits for you as an individual

As an individual the course will boost your self-confidence in dealing in the difficult area of performance management and increase your personal effectiveness through learning a variety of influencing techniqies and coaching methods such as active listening, questioning techniques, body language and voice tone. These skills permeate all areas of your working life that involves human interaction. 

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