Managing People in a Virtual Environment

Bringing people together

Managing people is a huge challenge for many us. Amongst many of the skills and qualities required to effectively manage people are trust, courage and strong communication skills. Managing people remotely brings with it a host of additional challenges. How can you build trust with your team when you cannot even meet face-to-face? How do you ensure that your delegate effectively and that work is on track? How can you keep individuals motivated and have those difficult conversations when you need to?

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3 Hours
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Purpose of this course

This bite-sized session takes the principles of managing people effectively and applies them to managing in a virtual environment. You will learn how to keep your team engaged and on track, and how to ensure performance doesn’t suffer in these difficult times.  

Who is this course for

Managers, Team Leaders or anyone responsible for managing people remotely.

You will learn how to
  • Understand management with a virtual lens
  • Build trust in a virtual world
  • Motivate a remote team
  • Delegate effectively
  • Have difficult conversations remotely
Benefits for your organisation

Now teams are dispersed, more than ever are good management skills required to ensure the success of your organisation.  This bite-sized course will give you managers and team leaders just that.

Benefits for you as an individual

Whilst many of the guiding principles maybe similar to the physical world we now find ourselves in a virtual world which throws up a whole new set of challenges. This bite-sized course will give you a new set of tools and techniques for managing people in a virtual world.

Management and leadership an overview
  • Task vs people leadership
  • Empower your team for high performance

Building trust in a virtual world
  • The importance of trust in management
  • How to build trust

  • What motivates us? 
  • Turn motivation theories into practical strategies

The art of delegation
  • What prevents us from delegating?
  • How to delegate effectively in a virtual world

Performance management 
  • The principles of having difficult conversations
  • Giving effective feedback
  • Chunking down goals