Influential Negotiation Skills

Achieve the outcomes you desire with the four steps of Principled Negotiation

Based on the seminal work on negotiation 'Getting to Yes' by Roger Fischer & William Ury, this practical hands on course will enable you to improve your negotiation skills in both formal and informal situations, creating wise, efficient and amicable outcomes that satisfy both parties' interests.

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Purpose of this course

To improve your managers' skill at negotiation through various techniques and to give them the confidence to implement their new knowledge when they return to work.

Who is this course for

Negotiation is a valuable skill in any manager, not only when dealing with external stakeholders but also in managing a team and strategic direction. The ability to make decisions in a way that achieves the desired goals whilst keeping relevant parties on board is an important managerial skill.

You will learn how to
  • Use the four steps of Principled Negotiation to conduct a negotiation to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes
  • Explain the problems with traditional positional bargaining
  • Deal with difficutl people in negotiations
  • Use techniques to develop empathy and listen effectively
  • Recognise where the power in negotiations lies and how to increase your own power
Benefits for your organisation

Having managers skilled in principled negotiation means they can negotiate in a responsive way that maximises your own organisations priorities whilst not ignoring that every negotiation has two sides and that continued working relationships require mutual benefit.

Benefits for you as an individual

Our negotiation course will give you the techniques and confidence to hold your ground in negotiations both external and internal to your organisation. You will learn how to develop empathy and understand where power lies in order to achieve outcomes favourable to your position whilst maintaining amicable relations.

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