Effective Decision Making

In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.

As a manager, you will be required to make decisions every day. Some minor, some important with far reaching consequences. Recent studies show that despite what we might think, we are not as good at making decisions as we think we are.
This fascinating hands-on course explores the world of decision-making and presents a number of tools and techniques which can be used to make decisions, exploring your own personal approach to decision making; as well as looking at the very latest thinking on the various biases that can fool us all when it comes to making those tough calls.

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Purpose of this course

To enable you to make quick and effective decisions.

Who is this course for

Anyone who wishes to make better and quicker decisions.

You will learn how to

• Recognise your individual approach to decision making. 
• Use an established framework for making decisions. 
• Use a range of proven tools and techniques to aid the decision making process. 
• Explain the biases that may affect decisions.

Benefits for your organisation

The ability of people within your organisation to make good, timely decisions is the thing which keeps your organisation moving forward and growing.  The more you can push decision making to those facing the problem or challenge, the quicker those decisions are made, and in turn, the faster you will grow.

Benefits for you as an individual

By understanding the reasons why you make the decisions you do, and the social context in which they were made, you will then improve your ability to make quicker and more well informed decisions in the future.




About the Lead Trainer

Adam Montgomery heads up our leadership and management portfolio and is wildly passionate about developing people. He has over twenty years’ experience in the training industry, has set up and ran two businesses, worked at director level with many customers, led and grown organisations, been a professional stand-up comedian, is an inspiring public speaker and is currently writing a book on the challenges of IT management.