Action Learning Sets: A Practical Introduction

Work and learn together by tackling real issues and reflecting on their actions

A key part of a manager’s role is to take risks, experiment and think what if...  Essentially to do things differently.  This is impossible to teach in a conventional context, you need time to consider current actions, reflect and then experiment.  The best technique to describe this innovative learning style is ‘action learning’.  This course will teach you the techniques to run and facilitate Action Learning Sets.

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1 Day
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Purpose of this course

To provide a hands on practical skills in facilitating and participating in Action Learning.

Who is this course for

Anyone who wishes to run or participate in Action Learning Sets.  Managers, leaders and team members who wish to develop themselves and others  and  who want to instigate a team culture of peer support and learning, continuous development, action  and accountability.

You will learn how to
  • Confidently facilitate an Action Learning Set
  • Support and challenge colleagues to help themselves
  • Use appropriate questions to support, challenge and clarify problems
  • Actively listen to identify assumptions and limiting beliefs
  • Develop meaningful actions plans
Benefits for your organisation

Teams who can challenge and support each other, find solutions to their own problems and take action to overcome them are an invaluable asset to any organisation. Action Learning is a powerful tool used in organisations as diverse as the US government and the European Environment Agency that will enable your staff to develop themselves and give them the confidence and capability to tackle their problems directly.

Benefits for you as an individual

Action Learning is a powerful way to continually develop and reflect on your own practices. It is a supportive process that will allow you and your team to take action to solve any problems you may be facing with the support from your colleagues. It is an essential tool for any manager or aspiring leader to have at their disposal.

An introduction to Action Learning
  • What is Action Learning?
  • How does Action Learning work?
  • When is Action Learning appropriate?
Skills Workshops – Experiential group-work in:
  • Contracting
  • Questioning
  • Active listening
  • Giving and receiving feedback
Spotlight on…
  • The facilitator
  • Set members
  • The problem holder
Putting it all together
  • Action Learning Set practice
  • Feedback
Action Learning and you – What next?




Pre-course work required

A short amount of pre-course reading. As a guide this is expected to take no longer than 1 hour.