Service Integration and Management (SIAM) Foundation

Integrating service providers to achieve your customer’s goals is key to success

SIAM is a comprehensive view on managing relationships with a diverse range of partner and vendor organisations, all contributing towards end-to-end IT services. The SIAM Foundation Certificate is aimed at anybody that needs a broad understanding of best practice in this fast growing area of management and one that has proved consistently challenging, especially with the fast pace of technological change.

Course Code
3 Days
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Private Only
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Purpose of this course

This is the initial course for anybody that wants to know what the SIAM framework contains, what its goals are, and what the core principles that it is based on can do for them. It is a general course aimed at giving awareness as most 'Foundation' courses are.

You will learn how to
  • Identify appropriate provider models
  • Recognise the processes needed and how they benefit the organisation
  • Work with the practices involved in dealing with people and technology across services
  • State the roles and responsibilities in a SIAM organisational structure
  • Identify the challenges and risks in a SIAM implementation
  • Work with the SIAM roadmap
Benefits for your organisation

Employees attending SIAM Foundation will have a greater appreciation of the importance of supplier management and integration, of the governance and control of these relationships and their role within it, and insight into other best practices that can work with it.

Benefits for you as an individual

Achieve a recognised industry qualification that shows you understand the challenges and complexity of working with a range of suppliers in order to deliver high quality, end-to end services to your customers.

Introduction to SIAM

  • Purpose and value of SIAM
  • Business Drivers for SIAM
  • SIAM layers
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of various service integrator models

SIAM Roadmap

  • Understand the key stages of the SIAM lifecycle
  • Discovery and Strategy
  • Plan and Build
  • Implement
  • Run and Improve

SIAM Roles and Responsibilities

  • Understand the Roles and Responsibilities
  • Understand the Organisational structures within SIAM

SIAM Practices

  • Managing cross functional teams
  • Integrating processes across multiple providers
  • Measurement and reporting on services
  • Tooling for SIAM

Processes to support SIAM

  • Understand the role of processes in SIAM
  • Understand the purpose and role of processes from a SIAM perspective

Challenges and risks in SIAM

  • Challenges, risks and mitigations with:
    • Business case production
    • Culture, collaboration and cooperation
    • Level of control and ownership
    • Security
    • Importance of trust/eliminating micro management
    • Commercial considerations and legacy contracts

Contribution of best practice to SIAM

  • Understand the role of best practice, including:
    • ITIL and ISO2000
    • Agile and Agile Service Management
    • LEAN, COBIT and DevOps



No pre-requisite knowledge is assumed although a working knowledge of terms such as SaaS, Cloud etc. may be useful.

Pre-course work required

Read the publicly available materials regarding SIAM. Specifically the first chapter (up to p.60) of the SIAM book of knowledge. This material is available for download by the delegate under the Scopism licence at this address.

More about the exam

Exam Length: 1 hour

Questions: 40

Pass Mark: 26/40

If taken as online proctored exam there is an additional £25 fee payable per exam