ITIL®4 Strategist - Direct, Plan and Improve (DPI)

Learn to create and manage a 'learning organisation' through the application of continual improvement, ensuring business delivery through agile service delivery.

Direct, Plan and Improve is the one and only ITIL4 Strategist course. It focuses on the higher level management capabilities that an agile service delivery organisation requires in order to align and remain aligned with business need and an ever-increasing pace of change to deliver services to. 

Ensuring that a strategic, business-focused approach to service management is taken is key to the business co-creating value and maintain competitive advantage. With IT services embedded so deeply in digitally transformed organisations, this has never been more important.

Course Code
3 Days
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Public or Private
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Purpose of this course

To provide delegates with the skills and capabilities associated with building learning organisations, encouraging business aligned and agile thinking in service delivery and to improve services to align and remain aligned with the need for co-creation of value.

Who is this course for

Delegates that are engaged in the management and improvement of services within their organisation. Any delegate with an interest in assuring continual improvement of services.

You will learn how to
  • Create appropriate service strategy.
  • Develop communication and organisational change management understanding.
  • Establish and utilise continual improvement in the organisation.
  • Understand the role and nature of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) in service management.
Benefits for your organisation

Staff with a greater understanding of what is needed to assure and improve services based on governance, risk, compliance and business drivers. Skills focused on appropriate control and management of service to assure value co-creation.

Benefits for you as an individual

Increase your understanding of a range of service management areas including strategy creation, service improvement, organisational change, risk and governance as a driver for enhancing value.

Key Concepts related to Direct, Plan and Improve including:
  • Direct, Plan and Improve defined.
  • Operating Models and Methods.
  • Risks.
  • Scope of Control.
  • Strategy and Tactics.
  • Governance and Management.
  • Outcomes, Value, Costs and Risks and there role in shaping services


  • Set Appropriate scope, understanding the goals and requirements.
  • Defining appropriate policies and controls, ensuring sufficiency but over over-engineering.
  • Establishing correct levels of authority.
  • Understand the role of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) in relation to Direct, Plan and Improve.
Use of the Continual Improvement (CI) Approach, associated with:
  • Assessment consideration.
  • Prioritising Improvements.
  • Creating business cases to support action.
  • Carry out reviews and create a CI culture.
Recognise and deploy Organisational Change Management, including:
  • Identifying and managing stakeholders.
  • Manage communication and encourage feedback.


  • Define metrics and indicators to support services.


  • Understand how practices differ from value streams in the Direct, Plan and Improve context.

Delegates must have obtained a PASS in the ITIL4 Foundation certificate prior to attending this course. Prior experience in an IT service delivery organisation may be advantageous but is not a requirement.​

Pre-course work required

Pre-course reading based on the ITIL4 Strategist - Direct, Plan and Improve publication.

Overseas Delegates - Electronic books are provided within course fee, paper books maybe subject to additional charge, please ask at point of booking.

More about the exam
  • PeopleCert Exam: ITIL4 Strategist - Direct, Plan and Improve
  • 90 Minutes, 40 questions, Objective Test Questions [multiple choice,  1 correct answer]
  • Pass mark: 28/40 or 70%
This course is eligible for the PeopleCert Take2 scheme, please discuss at point of booking if this is of interest to you.
Regardless of if your training is face to face or virtual PeopleCert exams are available exclusively online. They will be proctored live online using their Exam Shield software. You can find additional information regarding PeopleCert's online exam requirements here, including installing Exam Shield on their website.

To book your exam, you will be sent an exam voucher before your course from which you will be directed to go to PeopleCert's website and book your preferred time and day.

Please be aware that if you are on a face to face course in Worcester you will not be able to do your exam from our facility, sorry for any inconvenience this causes.