ITIL®4 Strategist - Digital and IT Strategy

Digital services are the future but creating and managing a great digital organisation doesn't happen by accident. Learn more about the best practice in this challenging area and boost your digital business.

ITIL4® - Digital and IT Strategy (DITS) takes a broad view of what a digital business is and the challenges of moving from a traditional model to an organisation with technology at the heart of what it is and what it does.

By using the Continual Improvement Approach to map out and support the journey DITS provides a structured and relatable roadmap to achieving these goals. Covering everything from engaging the business, to defining an implementing digital roadmaps and engaging with emerging technologies and practices DITS can really help any individual in a strategic role drive the business forward.

This course is one of 3 required to achieve the 'ITIL4® - Digital Leader' qualification. ITIL4 Foundation and ITIL4 Strategist - Direct, Plan and Improve are also required. Alternatively, holders of the ITIL4 Managing Professional qualification can take this course and achieve ITIL4 Digital Leader status as well.

Please Note: If paying for this course by Training Days, the cost is 4 Training Days. 

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3 Days
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Purpose of this course

DITS seeks to empower delegates with greater insight and capability to identify digital service opportunities, carry out transformation and deliver digital strategies which can drive forward their businesses.

Who is this course for

Existing IT Service Managers, Team Leaders, even CIOs or those that aspire to those positions and are preparing themselves to move forwards.

You will learn how to
  • Understand digital business and transformation.
  • Define a digital strategy and see it through to implementation using the continual improvement approach.
  • Recognise the challenges digital transformation represents and develop mechanisms to address them.
  • Be able to define and demonstrate the benefits of adopting digital technologies and services in a service management context.
Benefits for your organisation
  • Staff that are more strategically focused and digitally aware.
  • They are more aware of the challenges that driving business benefit through digital technology can bring and have the management insight to drive it in the most appropriate way.
Benefits for you as an individual
  • Learn more about the strategic elements of managing and delivering IT services.
  • Gain insight and ability to contribute to wider discussion on IT's role in business success at the strategic level.
  • Achieve an industry-recognised qualification in the most widely used service management framework.
Introduction and Core Concepts
  • Purpose, structure and value of DITS.
  • Terminology.
  • Digital products, services and competitive advantage.
  • Using business models for digital strategy.
  • Understanding operating models.
  • Strategy and Governance, Guiding Principles and the Value Chain.
Digital Strategy Journey - Vision
  • Defining the vision.
  • Understanding disruption as part of strategy.
  • Defining the strategic approach (focus and balance).
  • Positioning the business and digital strategy.
  • Crafting the vision.
Digital Strategy Journey - Baselining
  • Analysing the environment.
  • Analysing the opportunity and business readiness for digital.
Digital Strategy - Setting Targets
  • Planning for the strategy.
  • Understanding financial aspects of digital strategy.
  • Use of business models to support planning.
  • Role of customer journeys.
  • Delivery and support considerations.
  • Maintaining relevance with stakeholders.
  • Approaches inc. automation, sourcing, service optimisation and workforce strategies.
  • Continual improvement and evolution of digital strategy.
  • Writing, communicating and approving the business case for digital strategy.
Digital Strategy Journey - Execution of the plan
  • Implementation of the strategy.
  • Organisational change considerations.
  • Activities required to deliver the strategy.
  • Coordinating and Leading digital transformation.
Digital Strategy Journey - Evaluating Progress
  • Understanding metrics, KPIs and Objectives/Key results.
  • Using cascades and hierarchies to link business value to digital strategy.
  • Measuring strategy delivery.
  • Reporting on the strategy achievement.
Digital Strategy Journey - Keeping up the Momentum behind the strategy
  • Understanding momentum (short and long term).
  • Dealing with Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity.
  • Key behaviours for successful digital organisations going forward.
  • Parallel Operation models.
Strategic Capabilities - Digital Leadership
  • Importance of leadership.
  • Cultivating a Digital Mindset.
  • Developing Skills associated with the Digital Mindset.
  • - Communication, Relationship Mgmt., Educating, Working in an Agile manner, etc.
Strategic Capabilities - Managing Innovation and Emerging Technologies
  • Managing Innovation.
  • Achieving an innovative culture and balance within digital business.
  • Evaluating and adopting emerging technology.
Strategic Capabilities - Managing Strategic Risk
  • Understanding risk in the digital organisation.
  • Organising to manage risk.
  • Identifying, quantifying, treating and balancing risks.
  • Establishing a risk management culture.

Delegates MUST have taken and passed the ITIL4 Foundation as a minimum or hold the ITIL4 Managing Professional qualification. 

Ideally delegates will have 1-2 years in IT Service Management, holding a team leader or management position. 

If delegates have read the associated ITIL4 publications (CDS, DSV, HVIT and DPI), that will be advantageous. 

Pre-course work required

Read the ITIL4 - Digital and IT Strategy publication as a minimum. Spending time with the ITIL4 Foundation material from your course or the publication is also highly recommended. Delegates should ensure they are fully conversant with the Service Value System, Service Value Chain and the Guiding Principles before attending the course as they are key concepts.

Overseas Delegates - Electronic books are provided within course fee, paper books maybe subject to additional charge, please ask at point of booking.

More about the exam

The qualification has 2 parts:
1 - In-course assessment. This takes the form of four exercises that must be passed in order to progress and be able to take the exam.
2 - The ITIL4 - Digital and IT Strategy exam can be taken on-line after the course assessments have been passed. It is multiple choice, 30 questions over 90 minutes with a pass mark of 21/30.

Regardless of if your training is face to face or virtual PeopleCert exams are available exclusively online. They will be proctored live online using their Exam Shield software. You can find additional information regarding PeopleCert's online exam requirements here, including installing Exam Shield on their website.

To book your exam, you will be sent an exam voucher before your course from which you will be directed to go to PeopleCert's website and book your preferred time and day.

Please be aware that if you are on a face to face course in Worcester you will not be able to do your exam from our facility, sorry for any inconvenience this causes.