ITIL®4 Specialist - Drive Stakeholder Value

Engaging your customers, understanding what they would find valuable and working with them to develop, deploy, onboard and deliver services to maximise their ability to realise their outcomes.

Driving Stakeholder Value means what it says - the service provider taking responsibility for every aspect of service provision.
This starts with understanding and marketing, continues through development, onboarding and delivery.
In fact, until we have offboarded the customer every aspect of the customer journey has to be understood, planned and delivered if organisations will truly co-create value from IT Services.

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3 Days
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Public or Private
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Purpose of this course

To help delegates understand co-creation of value and the journey customers go through as part of receiving services. By understanding the customer journey and the practices from IT service management that can help with that journey delegates can better engage and align with the needs of their customers.

Who is this course for

Delegates that have responsibilities to their internal and/or external customers to create value by managing the customer journey and assuring value is created. Business analysts, relationship managers, service owners and designers should all benefit from this course.

You will learn how to
  • Create a communications plan
  • Develop a service blueprint
  • Onboard and offboard customers to and from services
  • Understand the customer mindset
  • Recognise the importance of marketing services
Benefits for your organisation

Staff that are better equipped to deliver services that are aligned with organisational needs.
Better ROI from service investments as services are better designed and stakeholders more involved from the outset of service development.

Benefits for you as an individual
  • Gain greater insight into customer engagement.
  • Understand the customer journey.
  • Acquire skills around managing designing and onboarding services.
  • Prepare for the ITIL4 Specialist exam - Driving Stakeholder Value.
Customer Journeys
Understand the concept of the journey, its design and improvement
Markets and Stakeholders
  • Understand markets and marketing services to them.
  • Describe customer needs and demonstrate this with value propositions.

Fostering Stakeholder Relationships
  • Understand relationships between supplier and customer, differing types and the management of them.
  • Analysing customer needs.
  • Communication and collaboration.
  • Use the following practices as part of fostering relationships:
    • Relationship Management.
    • Supplier Management.

Shaping Demand and Defining Service Offerings
  • Understand methods for designing, selling and obtaining services.
  • Capturing and influencing demand.
  • Requirements capture, specification and prioritisation.
  • Use the Business Analysis practice.
Aligning Expectations and Agreeing Details
  • Plan for value co-creation.
  • Negotiate and agree service value.
  • Use the Service Level Management practice.
Onboarding and Offboarding Customers
  • Understand key concepts.
  • User entitlement and authorisation.
  • Mutual elevation of capability.
  • Onboarding/Offboarding planning.
  • User engagement and delivery channels.
  • Service Catalogue Management practice.
  • Service Desk practice.
Continuous Value Co-creation
  • Request Management practice.
  • User Communities.
  • Customer and user feedback methods.
  • Creating a service mindset.
  • Different approaches to service provision.
  • Moments of truth.
Realising and Validating Services
  • Measuring service usage and customer satisfaction.
  • Track Value, Outcomes, Costs and RIsks.
  • Reporting service performance.
  • Charging mechanisms.
  • Assess value realisation.
  • Evaluate Customer journey.
  • Portfolio Management.

Delegates must have obtained a PASS in the ITIL4 Foundation certificate prior to attending this course. Prior experience in an IT service delivery organisation may be advantageous but is not a requirement.​

Pre-course work required

Pre-course reading based on the ITIL4 Specialist - Driving Stakeholder Value publication.

Overseas Delegates - Electronic books are provided within course fee, paper books maybe subject to additional charge, please ask at point of booking.

More about the exam

PeopleCert Exam: ITIL4 Specialist - High Velocity IT.
90 Minutes, 40 questions, Objective Test Questions [multiple choice, 1 correct answer].
Pass mark: 28/40 or 70%.

Regardless of if your training is face to face or virtual PeopleCert exams are available exclusively online. They will be proctored live online using their Exam Shield software. You can find additional information regarding PeopleCert's online exam requirements here, including installing Exam Shield on their website.

To book your exam, you will be sent an exam voucher before your course from which you will be directed to go to PeopleCert's website and book your preferred time and day.

Please be aware that if you are on a face to face course in Worcester you will not be able to do your exam from our facility, sorry for any inconvenience this causes.