EXIN Professional Certificate in SIAM

Take your SIAM knowledge to the next level and support the implementation of SIAM to enhance your supplier relationships.

The SIAM Professional certificate addresses the detailed challenges of understanding the service landscape. It covers the core elements of the Service Integrator, the Implementation Roadmap and SIAM Practices in greater detail to allow delegates to understand what it means to adopt and implement SIAM and how it can generate value.

Course Code
3 Days
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Private Only
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Purpose of this course

To enable delegates to understand and be able to practice SIAM in multi-vendor organisations, to enhance their capability and improve end-to-end service delivery based.

Who is this course for

Practitioners of SIAM and those that manage multi-vendor supplier environments that require greater insight into how SIAM can support this and improve service delivery.

You will learn how to
  • Understand the types of service integrator that can be implemented.
  • Engage with the SIAM framework and use the roadmap to implement a SIAM ecosystem.
  • Understand the practices that support the deployment, running and improvement of SIAM.
Benefits for your organisation

The business will be better placed to understand, implement and realise ROI from services when they are delivered from multiple vendors, especially outsourced providers.

Benefits for you as an individual

Greater insight into how SIAM can benefit the organisation and have the ability to work on, and in, a SIAM ecosystem to improve services and enhance the business' capabilities.

  • The SIAM layers.
  • Service Integrator types [Review].
  • The SIAM Implementation Roadmap.
Roadmap Stage 1: Discovery and Strategy
  • Governance [Practices, Enablers, Requirements, Roles].
  • The Governance Lead Role.
  • Process Owner Role.
  • Governance Boards.
  • Monitoring and Measuring Performance.
  • Analysing Current State and Organisational Capability.
  • Inputs and Outputs of Discovery and Strategy.
  • Critical Success Factors.
  • Principles and Policies for Roles and Responsibilities.
  • Selecting the SIAM Strategy.
  • The Business Case and Gaining Buy-In.
Roadmap Stage 2: Plan and Build
  • The Service Model.
  • Optimising Service Groups.
  • Process Models.
  • Sourcing the SIAM Integrator.
  • Planning the Service Desk.
  • Detailing roles and responsibilities.
  • Capability frameworks.
  • SIAM performance measurement.
  • SIAM collaboration model.
  • Contracts in SIAM [Importance and structures].
  • Organisational change management challenges.
  • Onboarding service providers.
  • Planning the transition to SIAM.
  • Tooling strategy and Integration.
Roadmap Stage 3: Implement
  • Types of implementation - 'Big bang' or 'Phased'.
  • Transitioning to the SIAM model.
  • Managing knowledge and other considerations.
  • Organisational Change Management.
  • Communication and Stakeholder Management.
  • The Awareness Campaign.
Roadmap Stage 4: Run and Improve
  • Running the Structural Elements [Boards, Working Groups and Process Forums].
  • Types of Boards [Strategic, Tactical and Operational].
  • Addressing provider performance.
  • Audit and compliance [Measurement and Reporting].
SIAM Practices Across the Stages
  • Practices for the Discovery and Strategy stage.
  • Practices for the Plan and Build stage.
  • Practices for the Implement stage.
  • Practices for the Run and Improve stage.

​Attending and passing SIAM Foundation is HIGHLY recommended but is not a prerequisite. While there are overlaps in the material, certain core concepts and other areas such as processes, challenges and SIAM's relationship with other frameworks are NOT re-covered in Professional.

SIAM Professional training MUST be attended in order to achieve the qualification as practical assessments must be completed and passed as part of the course.

Pre-course work required

Delegates should read the Scopism SIAM Professional Book of Knowledge prior to attending the course. This can be downloaded from the Scopism website [https://www.scopism.com/free-downloads/]

More about the exam

BCS EXIN APMG Professional Certificate in SIAM.
90 minutes, 40 questions, 26/40 (65%) to achieve a pass.

If taken as online proctored exam there is an additional £25 fee payable per exam