BCS BA Diploma Interview Preparation Day

Get Ready for Your Oral Exam

To complete the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis you must pass an Oral Exam with a BCS examiner.

We work with you to help you understand what you may be asked in the Oral Exam and to develop your responses. 

This is not primarily a content revision course, but is more about how to demonstrate the knowledge you have gained as a professional and during the four courses you have completed on route to the Diploma.

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Purpose of this course

To understand the format of the interview and to improve your ability to demonstrate the required standard.

Who is this course for

Candidates in the final stage of the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis.

You will learn how to

You will learn how to pull together all the knowledge you have gained during your certificate modules into overall context, demonstrating an ability to work with others and to carry out the required analytical work.

You will have the opportunity to answer practice questions, gaining an understanding of the expectations of the Oral Examiner.

Benefits for your organisation

This final course on the road to the BCS International Diploma enables you to demonstrate your commitment to your candidate's personal development by supporting them in this highly important last step. 

Once your employee has passed the interview, they can be internally recognised for their achievement, bringing improved reputation to them and the teams they work in.

Benefits for you as an individual

Prepare for the Oral Exam required in order to complete the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis.

This course is entirely focused around preparing candidates to complete the oral exam. 

There is opportunity to revise content from the certificate modules you have completed and to demonstrate you can draw on that knowledge and understanding to answer context-based questions.


You must have successfully completed and passed one knowledge-based BCS specialism (such as The Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis or BCS Commercial Awareness); two core modules (such as BCS Business Analysis Practice AND BCS Requirements Engineering); and one practitioner specialism module (such as BCS Modelling Business Processes).

Pre-course work required

It is beneficial to have begun revision of the materials covered in the four courses you have completed on your route to the Diploma, especially if you did them some time ago.  

You will need to fully revise the content of the courses you have passed prior to sitting the oral exam. We recommend you allow at least three weeks between the end of this course and your oral exam to allow you to fully revise.

More about the exam

There is no exam taken on this course - it is all about preparation. The interview itself must be booked and paid for directly with BCS. Candidates will be told how to do this on the course.