Blended Programmes

We understand why organisations with dispersed and/or voluntary workforces like the thought of e-learning in particular because of the reduced costs and increased accessibility associated with this type of delivery.  However, the long and short of it is that it although it is cheap and easy to distribute, it isn’t always as effective as clients might hope.

Quanta Blended Learning Programmes combine many of the benefits of e-learning with the benefits of face-to-face training.

How does it work?


Classroom Training Delivered to Learning Champions

We deliver training to your people, using your equipment (if you want), on your site. 

Videos are Compiled by us From Classroom Training

We build high quality videos using the video footage we shot during training. We collate this with e-learning quizzes and materials where wanted. 

Remote Learners use Video to Learn Supported by Learning Champions

The video and e-learning content is used by you to train your staff, supported by your own internal learning champions. 

Why Does it Work?


•    It’s bespoke – your people, your materials, your systems
•    Learning champions drive and support rollout
•    Strong learning champion buy-in