Drone Derby

Putting Agile theory into practice

The Mini Reconnaissance Drone X1 (MRD-X1) has been hotly anticipated, but is it really fit for purpose? Your team of expert engineers and pilots will leverage your ingenuity and Agile mindset to create a simulative environment to put the MRD-X1 through its paces.

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0.5 days
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Private Only
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Purpose of this course

The Drone Derby Business Game places delegates in the role of a Scrum team tasked with creating a test environment for a micro-drone. Throughout the course the team will get first-hand experience of Scrum ceremonies and artefacts and, most importantly, implement a series of Sprints. Critically, all these activities will be carried out under the supervision of one of our skilled Agile facilitators. The course can be tailored to different Agile frameworks including Scrum, Kanban and DSDM.

Who is this course for

This business game is designed for teams who have recently attended one of our other Agile courses and want to spend more time exploring the practicalities of working in an Agile team.

Benefits for your organisation

Combining this with one of our more theory-heavy offering such as Agile Awareness Seminar, Agile Leadership brief or Scrum Master training is an excellent way to explore not only the mechanics that support the Agile mindset, but also the individual and team behaviours that will be needed. The session is also very team orientated and therefor perfect for just-in-time training as it combines concreting theory with an element of team building.

Benefits for you as an individual

Individuals will practice Agile roles, events and artefacts in an engaging, hands-on way. Importantly, due to the hands-on nature of these sessions, you will be able to explore the behaviours and mindset needed to allow Agile to flourish in your context. By the end of the simulation individuals will have increased confidence to take part in or support Agile teams.

Creating and refining backlog

Clarifying acceptance criteria

Estimation and forecasting

Working in iterations

Incremental delivery

Creating and amending Definition of Done

Facilitation feedback on increments

Facilitating feedback on team practices

Agile behavioural patterns (swarming, peer review, continuous delivery etc.)


This course assumes that delegates have:

  • Recently sat on one of our more theory intensive courses such as Agile Awareness Seminar, Agile Leadership Brief, Certified ScrumMaster or Certified Scrum Product Owner.
  • Are engaged with one of our coaches.
  • Are currently an Agile framework with discipline.

It is not suitable for those with no prior exposure to Agile.