Agile Scaling Fundamentals

An introduction to key considerations when attempting multi-team Agile.

Scaling is a contentious topic with the Agile community, through this course we will consider why to scale, compare and contrast some of the common frameworks and discuss some of the most frequently observed anti-patterns when scaling Agile.

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1 Day
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Private Only
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Purpose of this course

To build on the foundations of single-team Agile and prepare delegates for the challenge of embracing Agile at scale.

Who is this course for

Anyone involved in facilitating or sponsoring Agility at a larger scale.

You will learn how to
  • Apply Agile principles at scale.
  • Assess the various scaling frameworks and their suitability for your context. 
  • Work with the organisation towards a valuable scaled-Agile rollout.
Benefits for your organisation

Reduced confusion and increased alignment around what scaling Agile really means.

An appreciation of the various frameworks and an insight in which might best serve the organisations context.

Benefits for you as an individual

A greater understanding of the various scaling frameworks.

What is Scale?

  • Defining Scaled Agile
  • What are the building blocks of scale?
  • Why would we scale?
  • What are the common drawbacks of scaling?

Scaling Challenges

  • Working towards a common goal
  • Ensuring quality
  • Decision making at scale
  • The effects of scale on individuals

Scaling Frameworks

  • DAD
  • Nexus
  • SAFe
  • LeSS
  • Where do they agree and disagree?

(Optional) The Agile Enterprise

  • Agile Portfolio Management
  • Beyond project based accounting
  • Creating more Agile management structures

Delegates should already have attended our AgilePM®, ScrumMaster or Agile Awareness Seminar before attending this course, or have substantial experience of working within, or with, an Agile team.

About the Lead Trainer

Our Agile ‘evangelist’ and Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), it’s safe to say that Howie lives and breathes an Agile life. Never to be seen without a pack of post it notes and a sharpie pen in his back pocket, Howie coaches and trains our customers by sharing his passion for more efficient ways of working.