Agile Leadership Brief

A focussed exploration of what Agile means to an organisation’s leadership

Agile transformations do just that, they transform to landscape of the organization. This course is an exploration of how leaders can support their enterprises shift towards a leaner and more customer-centric behavioural set.

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1 Day
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Purpose of this course

To facilitate a dialogue around Agility and leadership. Please note that each organisation will face slightly different challenges and this course can be readily tailored to reflect that by, for example, adding modules to cover Agile in cyber-physical contexts or Agile at scale.

Who is this course for

This is targeted at leaders of organisations committed to adopting an Agile mindset. It is of even greater use to those who are responsible for leading others toward Agility.

Benefits for your organisation

In a study of 1,121 of organisations moving towards a more Agile culture, the top two challenges experienced were ‘general organisational resistance to change’ and ‘not enough leadership participation’. Strong leadership is required in any organisational shift and Agility is, by its very nature, a disruptive shift. This course will give you insight into both what Agility really is and what behaviours leaders can exhibit to nurture and accelerate that change.

Benefits for you as an individual

Being a leader in the midst of an Agile transformation can be tough. This course will help you understand what being Agile really means and help you start to examine what you can do to support a wider shift towards an Agile mindset.

What is Agile
  • The Agile Manifesto
  • Agile Principles
  • Lean & design thinking
  • From tools to a mindset
Why Agile
  • Benefit of an Agile organisation
  • Complexity thinking
  • A case study relevant to your industry
Agile frameworks
  • Why use frameworks
  • An introduction to one framework (typically Scrum)
Leading in an Agile transformation
  • Agile governance
  • Authentic leadership in Agile context