Grab@Pizza™ - an IT Service Management (ITSM) Business Game

ITSM with extra toppings! – Strategic thinking and Business Relationship Management

Does your business recognise the value IT adds? Does IT know how to communicate this to your business? Welcome to Grab@Pizza, a large, successful Pizza company experiencing these challenges. Why? Lack of business alignment, understanding and a very strained relationship! Business expects but doesn’t know how to ask, IT is struggling to deliver new technology and can’t see what the business wants. Lack of alignment has been a top concern of CIOs for several years but things aren’t changing.

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Purpose of this course

Grab@Pizza is designed to highlight challenges of business and IT engagement and, like all Quanta’s Third Brain simulations, take delegates out of their normal business to one where applying best practice, using process and communicating properly are absolutely key. By working in limited time it is possible to ‘hold up a mirror’, showing delegates the effects of their behaviours and put new learning into practice in a safe environment as a result. This can be translated in to change and business benefit in the real world.

Who is this course for

Organisations that feel that a lack of alignment between business and IT is a challenge they need to address. Both business and IT management can benefit from attending Grab@Pizza. Staff that are involved in the delivery of value and are actively involved in the development and delivery of IT services can also benefit from attending this Third Brain simulation.

You will learn how to
  • Use ITSM processes to support and align with the delivery of business VALUE.
  • Engage with the business in a constructive way to support decision making that is aligned with the objectives, outcomes and governance of the organisation.
  • Manage investment in IT services so that business achieves the maximum value for money spent.
  • Learn how to use the Jerry Luftman theory on business alignment to identify improvement opportunities.
  • Learn how to translate business strategy into IT strategy, developing communication and governance to support decision making.
Benefits for your organisation

Demonstrate a greater grasp on business value and how to deliver in line with business expectation. Enable staff to understand how decisions needs to be made from a business perspective in order to ensure investment decisions and delivery activity start off and remain aligned.
Gain better insight into how Strategy can drive improvements in the relationship between IT and the business, creating the upward ‘virtuous circle’ of engagement. 

Benefits for you as an individual

Gain greater insight into how you can add value to the organisation. Understand the role of IT in your business better and use that to deliver improvements that aid both you and the business moving forward.  


A basic understanding of ITSM. Attending other courses is not strictly necessary but ITIL Awareness or Foundation may help in this regard. As a minimum Quanta expects delegates to do the same pre-course work they would do prior to ITIL Foundation.