You Might Be About to Lose Your ELCs Without Even Knowing

Enhanced Learning Credits (ELCs) are one of the most valuable funding resources available to service leavers who are looking to retrain for a new career. 


When I first entered the world of work almost six years ago, it was as an intern at a fairly well-known national housing association. I had the chance to sit down with the company’s CEO for a 30-minute chat, and naturally I was keen to tap into his years of business experience and knowledge. 


I’ve forgotten almost all of what was said, but there was one pearl of wisdom that he shared that has stuck with me throughout my working life and professional development: 


“Take advantage of every training opportunity you get offered.” 


So I did, and I still do, and I’m extremely grateful that I heard these words so early in my career. 


Never has this advice been more relevant than in our current climate. 


Over the past decade or so, tens of thousands of ex-military personnel have used ELCs to squeeze every last drop of value from their resettlement training. They’ve experienced great short and long-term career benefits through doing so. 


ELCs help service leavers to gain qualifications in numerous subject areas, and to gain higher levels of qualification than they might otherwise be able to afford. This is particularly true at Quanta, where we offer a number of ELC course combinations that are particularly effective at reducing cost and increasing knowledge. 


But on 31 March 2021, your ELC eligibility might be expiring, which leaves you with under four months to ensure you take advantage of your ELC allocation. 


Does the 31 March 2021 deadline apply to you?


The 31 March 2021 deadline will apply to you if you left service: 


  • After 1 April 2011 

  • Before 31 March 2016  


Which is to say that you’ve had at least 4 years and 8 months to think about how you can best use your ELCs, and now it’s time to take action. 


ELCs can account for 80% of training, and can save you up to an mouth-watering £6,000 (subject to length of service – for more information on this, visit our ELC page).  


However, despite the lucrative nature of the Enhanced Learning Credit scheme, thousands of service leavers either forget or neglect to take advantage of their funding before it expires. 


I really encourage you to make sure you don’t let this invaluable resource go to waste. Missing out on heavily discounted training and invaluable experience can prove a real blow to post-service career aspirations. Military personnel possess a number of transferable skills which are very attractive to prospective employers, but with limited qualifications and no experience, there’s a real danger of your CV looking somewhat sparse. 


”But I have no idea how I would use my ELCs”


I hear you. Sometimes in life we’re faced with so many options that we end up not making any decision at all.  


But here’s the reassuring bit: an 80% discount on training is always going to be a great deal. Even if you don’t end up using the knowledge that you gain, the qualification and experience will still look GREAT on your CV and employers will love the fact that you have another string to your bow. 


But if you’re really scratching your head over how best to use your ELCs, here are three courses that provide a broad and solid understanding of their subject matter and are instantly attractive to employers: 


Prince2: The most widely used framework for project management. These fundamental skills will convert any level-headed individual into a successful project manager. 

Change Management: Organisational transformation, and the headaches that go with it, can be hugely costly. Demonstrate an array of management proficiencies and play a role in the success of change initiatives. 

AgilePM: Agile project managers are highly sought after, making you a valuable resource! Convert your rapid, value-releasing Agile mindset into that of a specialised PM. 


Don’t sleep on your potential, and don’t let 31 March just float past. I really hope you’ll see just how much further you can take your career in just a few small steps.  


Get in touch with our dedicated team today to find out how you can make the most of your ELCs before it’s too late! You can call us on 0800 018 3975, or email