Training for the Next Step - Essential Questions



We recently caught up with Chris Andrews, who is soon leaving his role as a Weapon Engineering Officer after a full career in the Royal Navy.


Chris had the opportunity to use his Enhanced Learning Credits (ELCs), along with his Standard Learning Credits (SLCs) and Resettlement Grant, to retrain for a second career. On the recommendation of his Redeployment Officer, he contacted Quanta to find out how he could use his ELCs to best supplement the Waterfall project management knowledge he already possessed.



Choosing a Career Path


“I had looked at the job market and decided that I’d like to move into project management as a second career”, says Chris.


“Whether you stay in defence with one of the big companies or do something completely different, a lot of organisations are embracing Agile and Scrum.”


Chris booked onto Quanta’s Agile Foundation and Practitioner courses, Scrum Master course, Scrum Product Owner course and Lean Six Sigma course.



What steered Chris’s choices? 


“First of all, I researched which courses were available and when. Then I looked at how best to fit the ELCs, SLCs and Resettlement Grant around the courses to get best value for money. Quanta didn’t pressure me to buy more than I needed, and the way that I selected my courses meant that I didn’t have to use all of the ELCs.”


Two of the courses that Chris chose – the Certified Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner courses – have only recently been made available with ELCs. So what preconceptions did Chris have about these two courses, and did they live up to his expectations?


“Before the course, I thought of the Scrum Master role as being like an operations officer role. But it’s really about people work, and trying to get people to work together, and I really enjoyed that.


“I did the Product Owner course after the Scrum Master course, and had a view at the start that the Product Owner’s job was easy! I was wrong. The Product Owner’s role is so wide and varied that you need to do a little of everything.


“We have all been product owners to some extent in our lives, and the course taught me lots of things that I could use not only as a Scrum Product Owner, but in project management in general.”



Chris’s career advice 


And if Chris could share one tip with someone who’s about to undertake virtual training?


“Prepare! Do the pre-course learning, or you won’t get the maximum out of the course. It’s not about just getting through the exam, it’s about demonstrating your knowledge to the job market once you have the qualification.”


We’re very grateful to Chris for sharing his learning experiences with us, and we at Quanta wish him all the best as he embarks upon the next chapter in his working life.


We hope that hearing about his journey proves helpful to you as you explore your resettlement training options. To find out more about how you can make the most of your Enhanced Learning Credits with Quanta, visit our ELC page or get in touch with us today.