Training days save the budget – and save you a headache


Quanta Training provide quality, flexible training services to our customers. From superb consultancy to consistently great delivery – we've spent over twenty years building strong relationships.


We’re able to fulfil a broad and substantial range of training requirements through our multi-faceted approach to course delivery - from our specialised trainers to highly accommodating training capabilities.  


We Offer Online, Blended and Physical Training


At Quanta, our approach to training is to be as flexible and adaptable as possible in order to meet your needs. With our safe, comfortable Worcester-based classrooms, our ability to provide onsite training, and the Virtual Classroom Learning (VCL) solution for online learning, we can cater to the needs of any team or organisation.


And if you require even more flexibility, we can work with you to provide a combination of classroom learning and virtual courses.


Training Day Offers


Things are getting wintry outside, and it’s the season to be jolly – so let’s talk Training Day Packages.



At Quanta, our Training Day Package is a set number of units that you can exchange for training across almost our entire catalogue whenever you deem necessary. It’s the perfect way to simplify your budget allocation and planning process for the year ahead.


And the great news is that, for a short time only, you can get far more for your money when buying training days. Throughout the winter offer period you can receive thousands of pounds’ worth of free training days.


Which Departments Do We Work With?


Because we offer such a wide range of courses and are so flexible in the service we offer, Quanta delegates come from a variety of professional backgrounds. Here are some examples of departments that we regularly work with:




Within our extensive technical IT catalogue lie courses like SQL server. Your IT team can gather and manipulate data using the industry standard for database management. Learn best practices, and better inform the decisions made by teams across your business.


Learning & Development


Agility has proven itself an important focus for L&D in recent years. Departments undertaking an Agile conversion display increases in productivity and value creation, time and time again. Guide your teams to success with a wide range of Agile-focused development courses.




Project managers praise the PRINCE2 framework for its adaptability to any team’s specific needs. You can learn the distinct roles that comprise a top-performing project management team - you’ll soon discover that PRINCE2 projects get results.




Management development will always be a focus for HR departments, regardless of sector. Effective training can come in the form of concepts such as “having difficult conversations” or “running effective meetings”. Big organisational change can (and has) come about from a course as fundamental as Time Management.


Services departments 


Our IT service management arms your team with the tools necessary to implement and manage quality IT services. Managing services can be a fine art form, given the correct frameworks. You can end mistakes and maximise supply chain efficiency.



Don’t Just Take Our Word for It!


We obviously think our Training Day Package is great, but don’t just take our word for it! We’ve been working with Emma, Learning & Development Officer at Connexus, to put together a training package for their ICT team every year for the past eight years. Here’s what she had to say about our Training Day Package:


“We’ve been working with Quanta now for over 8 years. Due to the ever-increasing demands on our ICT service, we purchase the ‘Training Day’ package every year. As we have a large ICT team split into three support roles (application, networking and service desk), there are always courses that our colleagues can use.


“The managers have also benefitted from the management courses such as Lean Six Sigma, Coaching and Time Management. We have a ‘Value for Money’ policy, and purchasing the Training Day Package is very cost effective.


“Quanta are brilliant and always make sure that we get what we need, doing all the admin and sending out joining instructions etc. All I need to do is send over the list of attendees and their email addresses.”



Find Out More


We’d love to hear from you to see how we can facilitate your training requirements. If you’d like to find out more about our current Training Day Package or any of our other winter offers, you can see more in our brochure.


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions!