The looming ELC deadline - 3 Reasons to check your spend allowance


Ok, hands up, who knew about the impending 31st of March 2021 ELC spend deadline?

It’s likely you know all about your wonderful Enhanced Learning Credits, and the key role they repeatedly play in resettlement success for service leavers. Receiving heavily subsidised training and personal development from the government? It sounds like a fairy tale entitlement; one that’s certainly too good to risk losing out on.

We’ve got the information to get you thinking about your ELC allowance restrictions, and 3 reasons for you to double check your credit spend allowance!


It’s a time-sensitive goldmine for skill development

Just to clarify, next year’s March 31st deadline marks a new wave of ELC expiry. Did you leave service between the following dates?

  • After the 1st of April 2011
  • Before the 31st of March 2016

Thousands of ELC’s go unused every time a deadline rolls around, seems mad doesn’t it? Such a lucrative investment into skill development doesn’t exactly come around often.

When we mentioned ELC’s being a goldmine, we really meant a goldmine. A contribution of up to £6,000 for the upper tier of service leavers isn’t to be sniffed at! Depending on service length, one of many desirable level 3 qualifications (or above) can become almost cost-free. There’s nothing quite like slapping a nationally recognised qualification on your CV!


The career paths that open themselves

One thing we’ve found from talking to ex-service leavers; they can achieve things that they didn’t previously imagine were possible before giving us a visit! Obviously, employers will be keenly looking out for certain skills (or certificates, in specific roles). Therefore, it goes without saying that squeezing every last course attendance out of your ELC’s can only be a good thing.

BUT. There’s more to it than that. As ex-signals man (and fantastic success story) Mike Finley can attest, you can flourish beyond what’s expected of you with the help of a rock-solid advisory team. Over a period of two years, Mike used his ELC’s to enhance the project management skills he already had, and worked immensely hard to become a cyber security transformation PM. He’s gone from strength to strength since transitioning to civilian life, and has a few words of advice to share:  

"To those looking to capitalise on their opportunities after leaving the forces. Don’t listen when people undervalue you, if you have the means to develop your skills then take all the opportunities that you can.”


Some examples of courses you can attend for (almost) free

An 80% discount is a great deal no matter which way you cut it. And given that employers regularly make up the difference on some courses, who’s to say that you couldn’t attend the courses (and gain the skills) below at no cost to yourself? Check out the following:

Prince2: The most widely used framework for project management, these fundamental skills will convert any level-headed individual into a successful project manager!

Change Management: Organisational transformation, and the headaches that go with it, can be hugely costly. Demonstrate an array of management proficiencies and play a role in the success of change initiatives.

AgilePM: Agile project managers are highly sought after, making you a valuable resource! Convert your rapid, value-releasing Agile mindset into that of a specialised PM.



So there’s 3 reasons to check your ELC entitlement! When it comes to realising your full potential, there isn’t a more straightforward ticket. The deadline will be upon us before you know, and countless credits will go up in smoke. March 31st 2021, put it in your calendar!


We have a dedicated team of advisors that can help you with any questions you may have and are on hand to offer you their support. They have helped thousands of Service leavers in their transition to civilian jobs. For further information please call 0800 018 3975 or email