Virtual Classroom Learning (VCL) – Pass rates and Exam Flexibility

It’s natural to question things that you are unsure of. Getting reassuring answers to these questions is all you can hope for. Well, for those of you wondering about Quanta’s new VCL training, we can provide that reassurance. Seeing as the world has seen a recent pivot to a virtual workspace, we have experienced a great many enquiries surrounding the impact that the VCL platform has on pass rates. As is true when putting many minds at ease, the question is best answered in blog form. 

VCL conversion 

Although the “real world” still exists, learning must now be done virtually. This means we’re not content with simply designing and delivering new courses as VCL; we’re also converting our traditionally classroom-based courses to virtual training. Almost every single one of them. The same great training we have always delivered, just online. For example, we now use polls and mini-tests to determine delegate pre-course knowledge, rather than questioning at the start of a classroom-taught course. The experience doesn’t have to change all that much just because we’re not in the same room as you.  

Flexible preparation 

Exam vouchers are a thing of beauty. They give you the flexibility to choose when you sit an exam, any time after completing the attached course of learning. After a long few days of absorbing knowledge, you might want to let this freshly onboarded knowledge sink in. Give yourself a few days to relax, revise the content and then sit the exam – if that’s your preference in speed. Take the exam when it’s right for you, not when a timetable dictates it.  

Some things never change 

Before you grumble about the “good ol’ days” before online learning, it’s important to remind you that, in some cases, nothing has changed! Exam institutes such as Scrum Alliance,, Scaled Agile Frameworks (SAFE), CompTIA and Microsoft (via Pearson Vue) were all exclusively available online. You know the saying, if it isn’t broken – don’t fix it!  

Hit by the facts 

You’ll be pleased to know that the comparisons with traditional training don’t end with quality of the training itself. We’ve always closely monitored our pass rates and measure this data within “bands.” Using averages, we are able to report our incredible pass rates, and can go on to state that all of our VCL course exams fall within the same band as our classroom-based courses.  

We can’t stress enough how much of an achievement this is, and it is an accolade that our trainers can wear proudly. But without the hard work of delegates pushing themselves to learn on intensive courses, the pass rates wouldn’t materialise. We’ve seen strong efforts from everyone involved in VCL to date!  

We’d like to give a huge congratulations to every single delegate who has attended a VCL courses and passed their exam! If you want to find out how you can join their ranks as a training success story, find out more about VCL or get in touch with us today!