Quanta’s preparedness in the face of COVID-19

The global training market has seen a notable shift in the way that courses are expected to be delivered in the face of the ongoing pressures brought about by the current COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses are facing increasingly strained circumstances due to social circumstance.

We can confirm that we will continue to run training days both onsite and at our Worcester location at the request of customers. Within our classrooms we have taken every precaution possible to regularly cleanse touchpoints that are at risk of carrying the virus, staying as vigilant as possible to shield anyone in our walls from illness. There is no greater consideration for us than the safety of the individuals we work with.

You need as many options available to you as possible in this time, so we’re remaining completely flexible – while complying with governmental advice. The primary option that we would like to offer to you is remote training. Both trainers and delegates can remotely access a virtual classroom (pending onsite capability consultation) and deliver training to the same standard as if they were right there in the room. We have options that allow for the ability to carry out training in the exact same style with the same quality course content.

If you want to explore other options or need to keep up to date with Quanta’s position, you can find information from any of these sources:

The world doesn’t need to stop turning in the face of COVID-19, we can move forward together. We sincerely hope that everyone stays safe out there.