Leadership – all it takes is the LIA

Being the top dog in any group is a big responsibility. Therefore, we understand the value in being straightforward when talking leadership. There are two tangible pain points for leaders: the first is the impact of failure and the second is having to gain relevant experience over many years. Whether you’re the lead on a building project, the manager of a retail chain location or the MD of an entire organisation – you’re in a position where your team’s performance is predicated by your ability to lead them appropriately. However, every leader is struck by failure sooner or later. They will encounter a potentially unconquerable trial due to a lack of pertinent experience.

Leadership in Action (LIA) provides a solution. Quanta Training has developed this experiential course of learning that addresses these primary pains of modern leadership. The ILM-recognised development programme provides a safe space for a loop of continual feedback, translating failures into personal assets. The course condenses the outcomes of years of experience into four days of learning and equips you with the tools to continue growing for years subsequently.

From stumbling blocks to building blocks

Failure can breed discouragement. However, this impermanent feeling has a funny way of building positive, indelible habits. Everyone knows that mistakes are how we learn. The true secret to success is that missteps are essential to the development of a leader. Many of us (rightfully) are averse to addressing failings, because of their potential to damage the position or reputation of ourselves or our organisation. It is well documented that generating new ideas that carry the potential risk of failure is a potent method for reaching our potential – we simply need to remove the possible damaging repercussions.

The LIA course is the ideal space to populate your head with exciting new ideas and strategies to complete tasks, with zero chance of hurting profit or pride. Do-or-die situations may end up feeling a touch more literal than is comfortable. Taking a dive from a cliff edge and hoping not to hit the rocks on the shore below is a possible metaphor for taking risks in a standard business sense. On the other hand, the LIA offers a soft play area to land in should you take a miscalculated jump. The activities on the day are curated to help you practice or try out new leadership techniques.

The long-term, compressed

Colonel Sanders, the familiar and disarming face attached to the fried chicken giant KFC, made his money later in life. The man was made rich (and moderately famous) in 1952 when, aged 62, he franchised his company that would later be sold for millions of dollars. The point we’re making here is that success such as this can come about from a lifetime’s worth of experience, such as Colonel Sanders’ entrepreneurial learnings. Gaining industry knowledge over time like the Colonel did is obviously incredibly valuable. Still, identifying your own skills and when these attributes can be best used is the true value behind gaining industry experience. 

In true teleshopping fashion, we’ve presented you with a positive value and will immediately follow up with this – the LIA course can condense that learning experience into a single 4-day course! The programme is designed to help to identify strengths and weaknesses through consistent feedback from facilitators. Continual growth can be achieved post-course once you have identified these personal attributes. You can be armed with the tools necessary to constantly develop yourself for years to come.

One such attendee, Andrew Morley, found that much of the value he found from the course arose after the course was finished: 

“I wanted to let you know how useful the Leadership in Action programme has been to me since my attendance two years ago…

… Since the course I’ve been promoted twice, managed the key transformation programme in Adult Services and, most recently, gone into business for myself. Immediately after the programme had finished I knew I had learnt a lot but it was too early to fully recognise the value of the whole experience; with the benefit of having had time to put what I learnt into practice, the week has proven to be invaluable to my career.”


Becoming a truly great leader could take hundreds of failures or require years of experience. On the other hand, all you could need is the LIA. If you want to learn more about the impactful, ILM-recognised development programme, then get in touch with us today!