Leadership in Action - The customer knows best

“I just wanted to say thank you again for such an amazing programme. It has done everything I wanted it to and more.” - Fleur Clark, Change Consultant

We know that our Leadership in Action (LIA) course is an experience that changes the way people perceive not only their roles, but themselves too. The team tasks involved will encourage a cycle of action, reflection, conceptualisation and experimentation, provided by a powerful learning environment in which you receive individual attention from facilitators. Becoming a more effective leader is something that only you can achieve, but we can provide the very best tools for you to reach your potential with. 

However, when it comes to communicating the precise impact that the LIA can have, we sometimes struggle. Conveying the crux of the course’s value is something done most articulately by those who understand its effects best - our customers. The quote above is just a taste of our customer’s appreciation of the course, and it’s the best tool we have for demonstrating why the LIA is such a powerful experience. For managers and leaders seeking to expand upon their experiences, it’s the undertaking of a cycle of continual learning. The challenging residential course is designed to immerse the participants in the enjoyable and rewarding experience, aiming to develop confidence, self-awareness and authenticity in those who attend. The skills and strategic thinking encouraged by our facilitators and coaching will improve your standing in the complex modern business landscape. Leaving with a personal development plan will ensure the skills you embed throughout the course continue to flourish in the future.

But that’s more than enough of an introduction from us – you can gain a much better insight as to the benefits of the course from those who have attended and given their wholehearted stamp of approval. A stamp that remains as potent as ever, even years after attending, as Andrew Morley from Black Pear Public Sector Ltd. remarked:


“I wanted to let you know how useful the Leadership in Action programme has been to me since my attendance two years ago…

… Since the course I’ve been promoted twice, managed the key transformation programme in Adult Services and, most recently, gone into business for myself. Immediately after the programme had finished I knew I had learnt a lot but it was too early to fully recognise the value of the whole experience; with the benefit of having had time to put what I learnt into practice, the week has proven to be invaluable to my career.”


For others the realisation of the programme’s takeaway is more immediate, imparting an authentic and potentially unique lesson from the first day of the course:


“The Leadership in Action programme through Quanta training is quite honestly one of the best and most immersive training courses I have ever taken part in, the content allows for an experience which is both challenging and rewarding in equal measure. I would encourage anyone that leads within a business, either at line manager, CEO level or anything in between to take part, It is a very personal journey, and what you take away from it may be very different to that of someone else…

… I personally learnt a huge amount about how I deal with challenging situations, the course allowed me to reflect on my own behaviours and interactions. It created a safe environment where I felt empowered to try new things regarding how I express myself and how to engage with and get the best out of others. It definitely takes you out of your comfort zone into an environment where you are pushed to your limits, but I came out of it with a clear understanding and realignment of where my strengths lay and with a realisation of what I need to do to work on and improve, I completed the course over a year ago, yet I still refer back to what I've learnt and remember it like it was last week!”

  • Jackie Hanson, HR Advisor, Dixons Carphone Warehouse


Going beyond what is learned through the course, there has been overwhelming positive for the format through which the LIA course is delivered. There are no stifled yawns during this week of pertinent activities!


“I haven’t attended a course quite like it. The lack of PowerPoint presentation and focus on practical leadership was utterly refreshing…

The post course coaching sessions helped me realise that I needed to take action to change my job and I am now much happier in a new role where the course has helped me a huge amount especially now in my new role where I manage a team of over 20 nearly all of whom, are at a different location.”

  • Peter Varley, Services Manager, Babcock International


It’s easy to get caught up in sales rhetoric on a daily basis, with companies making claims that their products are “life changing” but that really is why the course exists – to enable positive change in the lives of everyone who joins the growing numbers of LIA alumni. We’ll leave you with the words of Customer Engagement and Innovation team manager Esther Conran, she’ll articulate the LIA’s characteristic potency:


“It's been a real life-changer for me. I've gone from feeling I was on the scrap heap and wanting to win the lottery and retire to realising that would be a complete waste of my talents.  The learning has continued with weekly conference calls for reflection with my colleagues who also attended the programme.

I feel stronger, more resilient and empowered, constantly reminding myself of my courage and my lack of fear has seen me responding to the CEO, trying things at the risk of not succeeding and learning from everything I do.

My team have seen a noticeable difference and I'm hearing comments out of ear shot like … "Esther's back" which has been music to my ears. The biggest change for me personally is I feel so energised and excited about work.  The other major difference is I've stopped putting things off. I plan in time to plan and am ploughing through the tasks I find particularly unpleasant, which means they are not backing up until the last minute and adding self-imposed pressure to my life.

In a nutshell can't thank you enough for the changes you've brought out in me and the talents you have made me realise.”


This is just the tip of the iceberg. For more overwhelmingly LIA-affirming testimonials, carry on down the page. Be prepared - the number of people who support the programme are vast in number! If you still need more information on how the LIA can take you from strength to strength, give us a call today!


More Testimonials:


"The programme submerges you in a world of thought and reflection, testing your ability to overcome boundaries you may currently limit yourself by, with a gentle reminder that you have all the information you'll ever need.

It builds your understanding on how to get the most out of your team, exposing what you really can get done by trusting a team’s ability and your own.
I myself look upon projects and tasks from a different angle now,. I am able to have confidence in others being able to assist as well as being able to delegate more effectively."

  • Sean Hartland, IT manager, ABP


“I've got massively increased internal confidence (where it was needed) and a sense of who I am both in the work place and outside. I have a tool kit and the emotional know how to get what I need from myself and others to do my job better than I ever could, whilst communicating even more effectively and without carrying a stack of stress around with me. No monkeys on this back anymore, I promise!

The programme has unlocked things in me which other people could see but I couldn't or maybe I knew they were there, I just needed to find them for myself. I fully understand now why I've been so anxious in the workplace as a result of not listening to my gut and not acting on what I instinctively knew, needed to happen. I also get why there were times when I have not communicated as well as I can now and have given out the wrong impression. As a result, I have not unlocked the best in others to get the needed results. I feel I will see huge improvements almost immediately on this front.

This programme has given me the tools and confidence to be the kind of leader I already was, I just didn't know it.

I would be happy to recommend this course to anyone.”

  • Fleur Clark, Change Consultant


“I tried to write something to you not long after attending the course, but it has such a large impact in such a short space of time I just didn't manage to find a way to describe it.  Since attending I've gone from strength to strength in my current roll and I feel this is because the course gave me a new understanding of how to deal with people, situations and more importantly myself.  It helped put perspective on what's important and left me more willing to step back and think about a situation rather than jumping in headfirst.

My communication with colleagues and even people outside of work changed.  I'm more willing to engage in conversations where I feel I have something to offer, previously I would not have felt confident enough to do so.  How I deal with people in my team is much more constructive and it has improved the moral of the team.  They can be trusted to do a good job without me directing them the way I think things should be, which can still be difficult but I've found other methods to put ideas over without them feeling it’s not optional and they are still in control.

Even now I still can’t fully put it all in to words, but without a doubt it has been life impacting and I can only encourage people attend.  Also, I would encourage people to go in with a clear mind. You get out what you put in.
I spent two hours trying to send my initial thoughts directly after the event, and then abandoned it because it just didn't do it justice.  This time forty minutes and it still doesn't but I would rather this than nothing.”

  • Richard Easton, IT Infrastructure manager, ABP


“This was one of my favourite training experiences during my time within Local Authority and I have been working to put into practice the concepts of the course. I would thoroughly recommend the experience, and gained a lot from the support and encouragement of a fantastic group of individuals whom I had the pleasure to be on the journey with.

If you’re feeling stuck in a rut or looking for inspiration, motivation and the chance to do something away from the norm then I would fully say ‘Go for it’.

  • Dawn Bluck, Voice and Network Communication Team, Warwickshire County Council


“I have enjoyed one of the most intense and challenging "condensed" periods of my life on a beautiful Cotswold village hillside in the shadow of Broadway Tower with a complete group of strangers whom I knew nothing about. Now that is saying something, after a 24-year military career having served all over the world, through 4 major conflicts and delivered the Team England Logistics for two Commonwealth Games, Melbourne 2006 and Delhi 2010.

Now I work for a big corporate company Boeing, who run their own proprietary leadership and management training courses (which are great) but this little "Gem" run by Quanta will compliment anything and probably everything else out there. This is because it does not push any particular methodology, framework or pre- conceived ways of doing anything. It simply allows you to learn by doing and harnesses the strength and intellect of each and every individual participating on the course with you. What you are left with at the end of the course is priceless and I must say the best takeaway I have ever experienced from any training course I have ever attended. I would highly recommend this course to anyone transitioning into leadership or holding leadership roles.”

  • Chris Lowden, Government Services Program Manager, Boeing


‘Excellent course & fantastic team! Will be using the techniques I have gained for many years to come.’

  • Sam Canham, Purchasing Manager, Dixons Carphone Warehouse


“The Leadership in Action programme was an inventive, immersive experience and a welcome break from mere classroom theory.  A great opportunity, away from the day-to-day work environment, to put personality, process and performance under the microscope with my team and the facilitators.
I emerged with some pre-conceptions burst and valuable self-perceptions.  ready to apply back in my business.”

  • James Dilling, ABP, IT programme Manager,

“I have taken lots of learnings away with me since the Leadership in Action programme. What I found most interesting during the reflection sessions, was how I appeared to others as a leader. I already admitted that I was too quick to judge/make a decision and also how I can sometimes be too assertive. After about the second day of hearing feedback from my peers during the course, I lost sleep thinking about this as people are never normally that honest with me. It really made me open my eyes to how I approach situations in my work environment and how others may perceive me.

Within a week, I was able to adapt and change my approach somewhat so that the last task was tackled with more consideration to my team and environment. In fact, the course had taught me that being a great leader is not about storming ahead, which is what I have done throughout most of my career and admittedly making some enemies and casualties along the way. It taught me to listen to everyone’s opinions in detail, to take a step back from a complex situation for 5 minutes to review what is going on, discuss it with the team and then work on a strategy of implementation. By the end of the week and still to this day, I have amended my strategy in terms of how I come across to others. I am calmer, I definitely take 5 minutes to step back and review a situation before ‘running before I can walk’.

In summary, I believe the course was a fantastic opportunity for me and it has opened up other ways of thinking, personality traits I was unaware I had and also made me more of an approachable character in my opinion.

Thank you to you and Quanta Training for making this possible!”

  • Matt Palin, Senior Operations Manager, Knowhow, Dixons Carphone Warehouse


“On day one it became apparent that the excuses that I gave for some of my leadership ways were just that: excuses. The real issue was that I needed to change the way I thought about some key areas before I could improve. I had much to think about and the reflection sessions really helped to bring that out and enabled me to focus on some key areas of development.  

Since returning to work I have found on multiple occasions that I refer back to my experiences on the course. I am doing things differently; not only drawing on some of the course content and reflection sessions but also thinking about the rest of the team that I worked with and what they had said or did, including some very deep and meaningful conversation in the evening around the bar!  Only a few weeks later I could already see how changing some of my leadership ways has had a positive impact on my team and I hope this continues going forward.”

  • Steve Ager, Head of development, M & M Direct 


“LIA is the foundation that I’m going to build my career on- It taught me to be confident, to make swift decisions and to take charge and lead should nobody step forward. It’s helped me manage my time and taught me to confidently delegate to the members of my team. An extremely hard course but the end result was well worth it!

Thank you for all your help and support during and after!”

  • Miles Morgan, IT technical, Kingspan International


“I’ve learnt some incredible things about myself and the way in which I deal with other people and about how my actions and personality impacts upon others both positively and negatively. I was able to identify where I needed to modify my behaviours to become a better leader. I always thought I was pretty self-aware, but it has been extremely illuminating to compare my own thoughts with what others perceive of me.”

  • Eliot Martin, Operations Director, Ability Net


“I learned that my idea of a leader was marred by what I thought a leader had to be - and I didn’t want to be “that”. But I learned that leadership comes in many different forms and you can be a leader in your own way. I discovered that I favoured a more collaborative approach. Even more importantly I learnt that this is an approach which resonated with my peers on the course and is what, in fact, they expected from a leader. It certainly made me pause for thought.

When I returned to work I approached my boss to discuss part of my role, which I felt was getting in the way and given all my other duties, I no longer wished to do because I wasn’t able to give it the attention it required. I was surprised to find he just accepted it. It makes me think of one of the quotes at the end of the course. “You only get out of this life what you have the courage to ask for.” Also, on a more personal level I realised that I need to quieten my mind and have been using basic mindfulness techniques, which has even aided me in getting a good night’s sleep!”

  • Gareth Taylor, IT Technical lead, Kingspan


“Working within the same group throughout the week enabled me to grow in confidence and try out things in safe environment. The exercises enabled me to challenge my own and others’ behaviours giving me confidence to deliver feedback in a non-judgemental way. After each task there was time to reflect. This was the most powerful part of the course, as it helped consolidate what had been learnt.


I am now better prepared to be a more effective leader and to empower others. I’ve learned so much about myself and the leadership skills that I need to develop. It’s also given me an insight into how others lead, and the opportunity to give feedback. This will help me to develop future leaders at Warwickshire County Council.  

The course re-affirmed what I already knew about myself, and I came away motivated and with the confidence to put my development plan in place. Since attending the course, I feel more confident, self-assured and motivated

The course is suitable for Directors, Managers or would-be Managers at all levels. If you want to be taught leadership then it’s not for you, if you want to learn through practice then Leadership in Action is highly recommended.”

  • Jane Tarver, Strategy, Programme and Information Service, Warwickshire County Council


“It seemed tough at first, a real sense that you had to find it within yourself to succeed in adversity, to dig deep or fail and then find out why, learn and build on that lesson to become a stronger leader, and nurture a stronger team.

Although the programme was demanding at the end of the week there was a real sense of camaraderie and achievement, it gave me a new focus on my ability to lead my team. More than that, these skills will go on to help me throughout my life. For some this might just be a course to attend, but it shouldn’t be. For many this course could be life changing, or at least career changing in its ability to develop your leadership characteristics.

I’m not sure if it matters if you are a supply chain supervisor, a project manager, a military commander or a technical team leader, I think this course, more than any other I have done, reinforces the values and strengths you.”

  • Toby Kirkman, IT support Manager, Reed Elsevier


I now understand the value of strategic planning, communicating, and giving the opportunity to review, challenge and reassess the plan or targets set. Ultimately communication and finding ways of bringing people with you is key. People benefit from sharing the challenge and the vision, not just on the day to day of the tasks in hand but the longer-term vision and strategy of the company.

I now understand the difference in trying to lead, and therefore empower people to develop and act, rather than over managing people. I also ask people more about what they would do, rather than simply providing the answer. As I say the difference between leading and directing.

I also believe that having attended the course I have the ability to take the company forward and understand the requirements to lead rather than follow. It may need topping up occasionally but this course was the springboard I needed.

Anyone who is serious about developing as a leader should attend this programme.”

  • Tom Widdows, Director , Micross Ltd


“The course was not what I was expecting, and I didn’t learn what I was expecting to learn. Having said that, for me the course was tremendously powerful and has given me a great deal to reflect on. I hope that I am able to develop some of this new self-awareness into concrete improvements in my leadership and life.”

  • Katherine Craddock, Oxford University


“It really pushed me but ultimately was incredibly rewarding. I was really impressed with the course content and the reflection sessions. I was able to see what I did well and what I needed to focus on. It was a truly memorable experience from which I learnt so much and ultimately it’s going to be so rewarding for my career and taking those next steps to progress.”

  • James Vernon, Reed Elsevier


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