Explore. Learn. Embed. Excel.

Best practice is something that every company strives for. This may be to comply with legal or ethical requirements or to achieve superior results. Either way by having a clear best practice it ensures that everyone in the organisation is trying to accomplish the same goal.

We have trained thousands of project managers over the years giving them the tools and knowledge to help them advance their business and career. However, if the business they work in doesn’t follow the latest best practice they may not fully utilise their new skills.

Using our expert project management trainers, we have devised a 5 point roadmap to create a tailored project management best practice, along with training and support, to help you excel your business further.

How we do this.


Analysis and Exploration.

We will have an initial meeting with your organisation to map the current processes and procedures to identify any gaps or inefficiencies.

Report Writing and Programme Design

We identify what activities need to be undertaken and recommend what courses are required to bridge the gap and align with the best practice guidelines.

Bespoke Training

We create a personalised recommendation of what is needed to bridge the gap between the current process and best practice. This could include qualifications, bespoke training days, practical workshops or a mixture of them all.

Surgery Style Review Days

We conduct surgery style review days that are scheduled after the training has taken place. These are short slots with people that have been on training and gives them the chance to address specific questions or challenges they have faced once they have had the opportunity to implement what they have learned. These are no more than 3 months after the completion of training.

Implementation Health Check

A final review will take place 12 months after the start of the programme to ensure that the benefits identified at the beginning have been realised, along with identification of any further CSI and CPD activities which need to take place.

Our brand new Explore, Embed, Learn, Excel programme is about more than training.  It takes your organisation on a journey from initial exploration through formal qualifications, bespoke training and practical workshops with ongoing support.

If you think we could help your organisation or simply want further information, please call 01905 734180 or email hello@quanta.co.uk.



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