E-Manuals for Technical Courses

The implementation of E-manuals is something that Quanta Training has been working towards for a while now. It's been done as an effort to compliment the rest of the investments and advancements to our delegate's overall experience – not to mention the wonderful environmental implications involved in using less paper. Currently the idea is being rolled out on our Technical IT Courses, where the power to use and make digital notes is particularly practical.

The idea of E-manuals is that anyone enrolled on to a course with us will be given access to our highly detailed course manuals ahead of time, in an easily available, convenient format. With both online and offline access, there is every possibility to access pre-reading in the run up to the course. The technology has been developed with the goal of being a truly great resource for both individual and collaborative learning. The E-manuals bring with them the freedom to share notes and highlighted sections with others, creating conversations focused on the learning topic.

The early adoption of E-manuals at Quanta has been a huge success. Participants on technical IT courses been among the first to experience the improved method of training. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with delegates particularly noting their appreciation of:

  • Ease of searching for specific information. By not having to flick through a thick manual to find a small section of the course notes, a great deal of time is saved.

  • Available anytime, anywhere. The convenience is a welcome addition to those who have previously experienced technical training through Quanta.

  • Making notes on online resources. The shift to digital manuals left a few questions about taking notes. This new format makes notetaking easier and more effective than ever before. 

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