1% For The Planet

This has been a record-breaking year for the planet – in all the worst ways. More extreme weather reports than ever before, rising sea levels affecting entire communities, the highest global temperatures ever recorded, and unparalleled rates of species extinction. Change needs to happen. Urgently. Join Quanta Training in action!

1% For the Planet is a new organisation with a very decisive mission statement, they are calling for everyone to be “all together for the planet.” The premise of their cause is easy to grasp, they fund a diverse range of environmental causes with the help of businesses who pledge 1% of their earnings; this has resulted in millions of pounds being raised within the relatively short time since its inception. With over 2,000 participating business bodies in 45 countries, they are proving that we can do more together than we ever could individually. That’s all it takes – collaboration. We’ve partnered with this amazing cause, because collectively businesses have the capacity to positively influence the world.


What does your 1% do?

The 1% FTP organisation is disrupting philanthropy. This new approach connects funds to those who have the passion to action real change. Here are some of the areas that 1% contributions have already aided incredibly:

Soil and regenerative agriculture:

Everyone eats, and therefore everyone has the opportunity to change the impact that the global agricultural industry has on eco systems. Institutes such as Rodale have partnered with 1% FTP to further help to reverse the damage done by pesticides and both land and air pollution. It also helps to fund research into more efficient organic farming methods that can help to maintain soil health and farming sustainability. Ambition is necessary for success in this area, because this ongoing project has global scope on a grand scale.

Healthy forests:

Average wildlife populations were reduced by around 60% in 40 years. There’s also more carbon dioxide in our atmosphere now than there has been at any point in human history. The common denominator between these facts is deforestation. 1% FTP has partnered with a variety of organisations to work towards reducing environmental impact through forest-friendly policies. The whole concept of deforestation is overwhelming, but by working with these charities there is plenty that can be done.

Sustainable travel:

The travel that is outlined as a major cause for concern on a global scale is specifically related to tourism. Initiatives in travel destinations that see the highest levels of automotive traffic are reducing carbon dioxide emissions hugely through alternative travel solutions. Particularly when visiting areas with endangered wildlife, sustainable travel is making a truly positive impact.


What are Quanta Training doing?

We’re committed to this environmental cause and are here to encourage your involvement – here’s how you can get on board by being Agile:

We’re hosting a vastly reduced price of our Agile courses for those working for environmentally-aligned causes on 27th/28th February 2020! It’s important that the people on the frontline working for a better planet are able to carry out their projects as effectively as possible – and what better way for this to be achieved than through the Agile framework.

As well as this reduced price, we’ll be donating a portion of our Agile sales to a variety of eco charities – as decided by course participants! We’ll give proportionately to the causes that you deem most deserving of the support. This is all in our aim to offer a “Green CSM” offering for our customers, who can contribute to environmental protection by becoming a Certified Scrum Master!


Find out more about our eco-friendly Agile courses here, and don’t forget to support 1% For the Planet here!


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