Upcoming Quanta Webinars

Do you work in a school, college or university?

Do you use Microsoft Office 365?

Are you using it to its full potential?


Are you looking to add IT certifications to your apprenticeship schemes?

You may just be in luck! We are holding 2 webinars covering these subjects on 8th October delivered by one of our expert trainers!

Making the most of your Office 365 Subscription with PowerApps

Office 365 is a vast suite of tools which can enable you to do far more than just edit a spreadsheet in the cloud. This webinar will take you through some of the collaboration and document control tools available to users in Office 365, as well as exploring some of the lesser-known applications such as Delve and Flow. We will also explore PowerApps as a powerful development tool that can be used to create effective and tailored mobile or desktop apps to improve your organisations processes.

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CompTIA Certifications for Apprentices

The CompTIA track of certifications is recognised worldwide as an industry standard of skills and knowledge, with recent additions to the portfolio like CySA+ and PenTest+ there has never been a better time to look at adding these qualifications to IT Apprenticeship schemes.

This Webinar will explore the CompTIA qualifications from A+ to PenTest+ and explain the technologies and concepts covered, as well as advantages of these certifications over other options. Attendees can expect to learn about the impact CompTIA can have for new members of the IT profession as well as career tracks that they open up for apprentices.

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