What's happening with ITIL4?

ITIL 4  - We haven’t had a real update from AXELOS for a while….but we expect to hear BIG news shortly so in anticipation here is a reminder of things as we see them at Quanta.


For those of you that are on your training path with the world’s most used IT Service Management framework and are wondering why it’s been a bit quiet, the wait should be over soon. AXELOS have said that we will learn a lot more and see the rest of ITIL4 in the 2nd half of 2019.


And that date is nearly here.


So in readiness for that here is your reminder of what this new version of ITIL means for you.

[And those of you that aren’t already engaging with ITIL, read on as well, because as a professor emeritus at Carnegie Mellon university once said, “we are all in service to somebody…”]


ITIL4 Foundation – “The first book, providing the overall structure to ITIL4, not just the initial course”


Those of you starting your service management learning will need the ITIL 4 Foundation. It’s been out since the end of February and the response has been fantastic. There was clearly a lot of pent-up demand for new thinking after 12 years of ITIL v3 (or the mild reheat that was 2011) and ITIL4 seems to be delivering.


There won’t be an ‘ITIL v3-ITIL4 Foundation Bridge’ exam so the requirement remains to take the full-fat ITIL4 Foundation exam to remain current at this level for those of you that hold a v3 Foundation. A large chunk (approx. 50%) of the examined material is based on the practices (replacing processes) which are similar, if not quite the same, as they were. There are plenty of differences in the other half though so be wary if you think ITIL4 is just v3 reskinned – it isn’t. For those of you who haven’t looked at the new version yet but are v3 conversant here’s a spoiler – the lifecycle doesn’t exist anymore but its replacement makes much more sense in a LEAN/Agile world. You can find more information about the ITIL4 Foundation course here


“I’ve got v3 Intermediate points, what do I do with this new version?”


If you have v3 Foundation and 1 or more v3 Intermediates or Practitioner then you have a choice to make – start again or get the remaining points up to 17 from Foundation and Intermediates/Practitioner. AXELOS hasn’t given us a cut-off for the V3 exams but based on the last v2-v3 transition it would be wise to get your v3 points in before the end of 2020.


I was looking to become v3 Expert, what do I do now?”


You can still do that if you get your v3 points (17 from Foundation / Intermediates / Practitioner) and then attend and pass the ‘Managing Across the Lifecycle’ course. But with 17 points you can also go straight to the latest version – ITIL4 Managing Professional” by attending and passing the ITIL4 Managing Professional (MP) Transition course. This is one of two Expert-equivalent titles that the v4 offers and the next course we expect to be announced will allow you to do this.

For those of you that are on or working towards 17 points this is a choice – head towards the v3 Expert and then come across the transition to ITIL4 or go straight there with the ITIL4 MP Transition, do pass go, do collect £200 as soon as possible!


What will be replacing the Intermediates?”


There are more publications to be launched in H2 2019 and course that align with each book at the intermediate level. Pass all the exams for the courses and you can shoot for ITIL Managing Profession or Digital Leader – or both. That’s all we know.


There is more information on the AXELOS website but we’ve kept you long enough. I really wish I could tell you more and we hope to hear something from AXELOS really soon. And when we do, you’ll be hearing from us because we are really excited about what ITIL4 means for service management and how it supports you, enabling value from your IT services and your investment in them.