Quanta now offers Scrum Alliance® Certified ScrumMaster!

Hi, so we’ve made a change here at Quanta with regards to our Agile portfolio and we wanted to be open with our clients as to what those changes mean and why we have made them.

Since starting our Agile offering in 2011 our Scrum courses have always been set to our own learning objectives, with an eye on helping people prepare for Scrum.org’s Professional Scrum Master I and Professional Scrum Product Owner I exams.

As of June this year one of our Agile coaches, myself, has been accepted into the fold of another accrediting body, Scrum Alliance® – you can read more about Scrum Alliance® here. This is going to have some limited impact on our clients – but we hope it will offer a host of benefits too.

So why have we done this?...

Firstly, this has been a four-year journey as the bar to be able to deliver Scrum Alliance® certified training is remarkably high, involving community involvement, extensive peer review and finally a gruelling viva. It has always been my goal to have a Scrum Alliance® Certified Scrum Trainer (CST®) on the team – but, to be honest we weren’t sure when we’d get over the bar. To put it in perspective there are only c.220 CST®s globally.

Adding the Scrum Alliance® suite of courses to our brand has the following benefits for us and our clients:

•    Choice of certification body – there really are only two substantial players in the market at present, we want Quanta to be your provider of choice for Agile training, regardless of certification.

•    Clearer continuing professional development for our clients. While Scrum.org’s PSM I have served and will continue to serve our clients at the beginning of their journey well, we feel that Scrum Alliance® offers a deeper, clearer route for continuing education for both Scrum Masters and Product Owners – we’re hoping to bring our advanced offerings online beginning of 2020.

How will this impact you as an existing client?...

•    Quanta will still be offering our own-branded Scrum training, with or without the option of purchasing Scrum.org’s exam, but we will also be offering Scrum Alliance® certified courses leading to Certified ScrumMaster (CSM®) and, in the near future, Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO®). Both options will be available to those wanting private courses hosted on your own or third-party premises.

•    As of September, we will no longer be offering our own-brand Scrum training as publicly scheduled events. These will be replaced with Certified Scrum Master (CSM®) and Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO®).

•    From a learning objectives standpoint, the Agile team here at Quanta have agreed to align our own-brand courses with Scrum Alliance®’s standards as far as possible. There are only two topics where there will be divergence: scaling and exam preparation – about 5% of the total course. We made this decision to simplify the decision process for our clients.

I hope this answers some of your potential questions, if not please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me on howiebartrip@quanta.co.uk.


Howie and the team