A Day In The Life Of A Quanta Delegate

Here at Quanta we pride ourselves on the learning experience that we offer our delegates when they choose to attend a course at our Worcester training centre. This is everything from having expert trainers and engaging learning material and exercises to having great coffee and a slice of toast on your arrival. We believe that if you feel relaxed and at home those pre-learning jitters will soon disappear and all you have to do is concentrate on the course as we take care of the rest. Recently Charlotte, from our Operations team, enrolled on to our HTML & CSS Fundamentals course and she wanted to give you a taste of what you can expect on a visit to our Worcester training centre…

“My morning started as it always does, bleary-eyed and swatting at my phone to shush the alarm. However, today was different. Today I was hanging my Operations hat up and becoming a delegate for the next 2 days.

The walk to work was filled with anticipation, as well as some nervousness, but a lot of my worries were lifted as I entered reception to sign in; it wasn’t just the prospect of selecting my lunch that made me so happy, but also the warm welcome I received from Marion. The whole registration process was so smooth, which is a definite plus.

Whilst in reception I met who I would be on the course with, it was nice to get the opportunity to sit comfortably with a cup of tea and introduce myself before heading across to the room to start the training. Shortly after this, our trainer, Jason came through and showed us to the classroom we’d be in for the next two days. The seating was very well thought out and appropriate for the training. The desks were lined in two rows with the computer monitors faced towards the walls, which left a perfect vantage to the front of the class and the board on which Jason was working from; this set up allowed us to look at the tutorial and then to work on our own screens alongside the trainer without our view being obstructed.

There was also the bonus of a pot of sweets on each desk!

The course opened with a great introduction, this had lots of interesting, contextual information related to HTML and CSS; including its origins and application throughout the years. This gave us a great bridge into the practical work, of which we could follow along within the manual and make notes on the stationary, all of which is provided.

Each part we covered seemed to keep building upon the previous steps, I think this is accredited to the trainers and their knowledge of the subjects and ability to create cohesive learning material. It was also really useful to have Jason’s help one-on-one as well as some things I was struggling to understand. By the time lunch rolled around, any worries I had of this course being out of my capability were gone.

We headed to lunch at Ostlers at Number 1, which is a stone’s throw away from Quanta and such a gem of a restaurant. It’s a cosy place with lovely food and the rotating menu choices are extremely varied, more so than I had anticipated, and as our orders were placed that morning the food arrived promptly too. I had ordered the Ostler’s Burger, and it was delicious! It came with chips and coleslaw, and the servers were more than happy to bring me some sauces for the chips and burger; they were very considerate for us all. For dessert, I just had to have the brownies so if you’re a chocolate lover you must give them a go!

Alongside munching my way through the meal, lunch was a perfect opportunity to chat to my fellow delegates and reflect a bit on what we were learning and the application to our job roles; we did have some light-hearted discussions too, don’t worry it wasn’t all serious!

Continuing the course after lunch was good, but the full belly did mean I had to give the work all my focus! Thankfully, the manual really helped me stay on track; especially when my mind wandered back to those brownies…

I’m quite an introverted person, so I definitely surprised myself with how much I was attempting to answer questions posed by Jason; this shows how comfortable and engaged we were in the classroom.

As the first day drew to a close I found myself reflecting on the training.

It was something I fundamentally just enjoyed, taking away the practical use of it all, it was something which was fun to be a part of. While we were all comfortable within a learning space which was non-judgmental, the content of the course was still challenging but maintained accessibility for a variety of skill levels. It was also great to see things from the other side and walk a day in the shoes of a delegate as I looked forward to day 2.”

We hope this gives you an insight into what to expect when you visit us at our Worcester training centre. We offer a huge range of courses including Project and Programme Management, Management Development, Technical IT, Agile & DevOps , IT Service Management and Business Analysis. These are structured courses or can be tailored to your requirements. If you are thinking of training give us a call on 0800 018 5597 or hello@quanta.co.uk