Is this what's killing your business?

One the biggest killers of projects and business is the HiPPO- Highest Paid Persons Opinion. This is something that our business has witnessed over the last 30 years across many different companies in different industries and sizes. 

The HiPPO was first coined by Avinash Kaushik in his web book Web Analytics: An Hour a Day. It describes the phenomena in meetings when the highest paid person in the room makes decisions made on their own opinion and does not utilise their team and the data at their disposal.

Due to humans having a tendency to see their superiors as experts, the lower paid staff in meetings will often hold back their own opinions and concede to the HiPPO. 

The HiPPO mentality goes directly against a study by Rotterdam School of Management. The study found that projects lead by junior managers were more successful than those lead by senior managers. The cause was that junior managers often worked with and got critiqued by their colleagues. The senior managers did not get this feedback as staff were unlikely to critique their superiors.

The best way to tame a HiPPO is through Agile. An Agile transformation puts user centric data at the heart of all decision making (Empiricism). This means that when Agile is implemented, it allows a process for better informed decisions and increases the chances of success of projects and the business!

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