ITIL4: The wait is finally over...

The ITIL framework is changing. The last major update, ITILv3, was way back in 2007 (OK, there was the 2011 revision, but adding a couple of processes, removing a couple and tidying up the books isn't exactly a MAJOR revision). A lot has changed in the workplace and technology since then, so the update was highly anticipated. ITIL4 promises to focus on making business and IT functions work better together to create value for everyone.
It must be stressed that ITIL4 is not a replacement to ITSM best practice but is an expansion. It provides a more agile, flexible approach to delivering IT services and has made the course track much simpler.

The only course that is currently being offered is the foundation course and we are delighted to announce that our first ITIL4 Foundation course will be on 5th March 2019. The subsequent courses are yet to be released however it is expected to take 12-18 months for the full certification pathway to be available.

ITIL4 Pathway

But wait, I already have ITIL qualifications. What does this mean for me?

It's great news! Axelos have said that you can simply transition across to ITIL4. Depending on which ITIL qualification you currently have will affect how you transition across.

If you have 17 ITILv3 points in total (2 from Foundation and 15 from Intermediates) or are an ITIL expert you can simply take the ITIL4 Managing Professional (MP) Transition course which will get you up to date (when available).

Alternatively, if you have 3 or more ITILv3 Intermediate Points you can simply continue your learning in 2019 and then complete the MP Transition to ITIL4 when you have gained the 17 points.

With the transition from ITILv3 to ITIL4 expected to take 12-18 months we would recommend this option and we have a number of courses running to help you get to 17 points. 

By doing this you will be building on the knowledge you have already gained and the ITIL4 transition course will expand on this and make you an ITIL4 Managing Professional. 

We have created the diagram below to help you decide your course of action based on where you currently are on the pathway.

ITIL4 Transition

It's important to act now and put a training plan in place. We know that eventually ITILv3 exams will be retired but as yet no dates have been set for the withdrawal.

We currently have a number of ITILv3 Intermediate courses running in 2019, including;

ITIL® Service Lifecycle: Service Operation
ITIL® Service Lifecycle: Service Strategy
ITIL® Service Lifecycle: Service Transition
ITIL® Service Lifecycle: Continual Service Improvement
ITIL® Service Lifecycle: Service Design

If you would like to speak to us to learn more about ITIL4 or have any ITIL related questions please speak to us by calling 0808 169 8874 or by emailing

To find out more about the ITIL4 Foundation course please click here.