Tailoring to your need

Submitted by Stephen Coffey on Mon, 04/12/2017 - 11:52

How often, when shopping for perhaps a laptop or a piece of furniture, do you find the perfect product straight off the shelf? The same can be said of training – often when choosing a course to skill up your team, you look at the off the shelf options and think… my team know half of that course and half of that course… wouldn’t it be perfect if we could combine the two courses into one, relevant and cost effective course?

We are asked this question every day and thankfully we have years of experience of doing exactly this and more. From initial training needs analysis, through to design, pilot courses, programme delivery and course/programme evaluations; we have the capability to provide the full lifecycle of a training intervention. We have experience designing and delivering courses on bespoke systems, whether an IT system, core set of leadership/management competencies or individual customer’s project management nomenclature, project documentation and organisational structure.

Many of our customers are starting to see the benefit of getting a trainer in for a 1 day Awareness course or maybe even a short phone/video meeting – talking to key stakeholders in the business to give an overview of the product. This would then lead to the development of a custom programme specific to the customer consisting of Business Games, Classroom Learning and topped off with coaching.

Talk to our team today to see how we can come up with a training programme for your company that covers the exact content that your employees need in a time, and cost, effective manner.