Real World Examples

Submitted by Stephen Coffey on Wed, 22/11/2017 - 11:07

At Quanta, we believe that training should not be straight out of a textbook or staring blankly at a PowerPoint presentation. The majority of our trainers have real world experience of living and breathing the product that they are training. Our trainers are not just trainers – they also do a lot of consultative work with our customers and so have been heavily involved in applying their knowledge to live environments. It is not uncommon to see Howie sit in a scrum stand-up with one of our customers or to see Jason working with a customer to migrate to Office 365.

On the technical side, we deliver courses which teach delegates how to actually use the topics they learn in the real world rather than just to tick the boxes and pass an exam. Our technical courses are all setup to replicate how systems would be setup in the real world and can even be tailored should you wish. In one case, we tailored a course for the MOD where our course would have the same virtual setup as the troops would have on deployment all around the world to ensure that they are instantly familiar with the computing environment.

Quanta’s soft skills courses follow the same mantra – we want our delegates to be able to actually use the knowledge they gain rather than having the knowledge and having no idea how to actually use it in the workplace. We achieve this by making our soft skills courses as practical as possible using exercises and games to simulate real world situations. You can take this to the next step with our Business Games that consist of simulated, real world examples with expert facilitation to really get that knowledge ingrained.

If you want to take your learning to your maximum, the 4 day residential programme, Leadership in Action, is as real world as it gets.