5.4/6 Customer Satisfaction

Submitted by Stephen Coffey on Mon, 30/10/2017 - 15:22

We view customer service as critical to the survival of our business. Since 1991, we have seen competitors come and go; some large, some small. We all know that the training market is extremely competitive but we have steadfastly held onto an important, often forgotten by others, key objective – to provide training that matters – that REALLY matters – that enables delegates to go back to their place of work with new skills that they can actually embed into their business. These delegates are satisfied because they feel that they have truly learnt. They have also thoroughly enjoyed the friendly vibe, environment and hospitality during their time with us.

Our customers – the companies that trust us with their training budgets – are satisfied with their training experience with Quanta for a variety of reasons, with great feedback from their staff – particularly around the acquisition of core skills and ability to implement these skills in a measured way in the business – leading the way. Importantly, our key accounts use words such as “Trust”, “Flexibility” and “Security” when describing why they decide to use Quanta. They also tell us when we get it wrong… and we do get it wrong sometimes. These key customers work in partnership with us, with open lines of communication in both directions, so that we can get it right together. Yes, the training world is moving at an extremely fast rate, but good old-fashioned customer service wins hands down in our books.

We internally monitor every single feedback form which is filled out by our delegates and act on any issues identified. Don’t just listen to what we have to say - we also use the independent platform, TrustPilot, to allow our customers to read what other delegates have to say.