Change Management and Agile

Submitted by Alex Smith on Wed, 05/4/2017 - 11:17

Last week, as the climax to an incredibly busy month, I attended the Project Challenge conference at London Olympia, which is always worth attending, not least because it gives you a good sense of which aspects of project management are getting people talking.

I was there in my capacity as a trainer and consultant for Quanta, with particular focus being given to change management. And luckily for me, change was one of the hot topics of the conference, which meant plenty of great discussions. But another theme which cropped up repeatedly was that of organisations and their keen desire to adopt a more Agile approach to running projects, without being entirely sure as to what this would entail.

If Agile is something you’ve been thinking about lately get in touch and one of our top-notch Agile consultants can provide advice and guidance as to what would work best for you. But the problem with any change in working culture, whether it is significant or small, is that change in itself breeds disharmony. Basically, people aren’t always that keen on it, for a multitude of reasons, even if the change is intended to benefit them. They may feel a sense of uncertainty, accompanied by a loss of control, neither of which is likely to promote a positive atmosphere.

So, your organisation could potentially spend significant amounts of time, money and effort in implementing change within your organisation, an example of which could be Agile adoption. However, unless your staff have the capability to anticipate how people may react to change in order to support and engage them throughout the process your efforts may well be doomed to fail.

The APMG-accredited Change Management course and aligned consultancy we offer helps to address this issue. In the course alone, we focus on sharing information which will allow you to boost your success rates when it comes to implementing and sustaining change, including;

  • How individuals react to change and how to support them
  • How organisations react to change and how best to implement it, depending on the kind of change you wish to bring about
  • How to communicate with people in such a way that you connect them to the change, enabling them to see the benefits of changing
  • How to put change-related theories and techniques into practice

Broadly speaking, change management is focused on increasing the chances of your desired outcomes and intended benefits actually happening. But many organisations are less than brilliant when it comes to dealing with such considerations. So, if you think this is something your organisation, or you as an individual could be better at, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

So, if you'd like to get in touch to discuss Change Management or Agile, contact us on 0800 018 5597 and we'll see what solution works best. Or complete our contact form.