Top online project management tools

With technology moving at such a fast pace, the saying: 'there's an app for that' can most definitely be applied to project management. Here are a few online tools we've handpicked which should make your project management life easier:


For managing the whole team



With this tool, you can assign tasks and deadlines for separate projects and keep a track of what everyone in the team is doing. Synchronising between both desktop and app, you can run complex projects on the free version. With the pro membership (about £65 per month), it can also integrate with Outlook and support up to 100 users.


track task status




This programme takes inspiration from Kanban, consisting of a virtual board of sticky notes. It's a visual way to assign tasks to the team. This is another free application although you'll be paying about £5 per user per month to integrate it with apps such as Evernote and MailChimp.