There's no such thing as 'too busy'

Often in or outside of work you ask people to help you to do something or go somewhere and often you hear back that they are 'busy'.  We understand this and sometimes may even feel a little sympathetic. 

We are conditioned by the media and modern life to be busy, we all now lead increasingly busier lives in our on-demand 24/7 culture, in fact I cannot remember at work the last time I met someone who wasn’t busy!

But is it true that people can be too busy to do things? And if not, why do they say it? 

I believe that nobody is in fact too busy to do anything. Yes it is true that people have things that need to be done but saying 'I’m too busy' or 'I can’t do that I’m busy' is just an excuse. What they are really saying is 'I’m prioritising something else over what you are asking'.

Next time, just before you say that you’re busy, remember that it might just be an excuse. If you truly prioritise something, you will and can make time for it. Be it work, relationships, friendships or something else – you always have time for anything if you make it and value it enough.

Why do people say they are too busy?  Why use the excuse of busy, why not be honest?

Honesty is a curious thing; in the wrong hands it can be more damaging than the alternative. How about if you were able to say what is really on your mind but in an effective manner that was still well received? Authentic speech is a term we often hear and on paper sounds easy but often other things cloud it such as relationships, experiences and perceptions.

How great would it be if there was a scenario in which you could practice true authentic speech but in a safe but challenging and realistic environment? Welcome to Leadership in Action, our 4-day experiential fully-immersive course.

You’ll work within a team and will undertake tasks and projects ranging from a mere 60 minutes to an entire day. Each task ends in a reflection session run by our fully-trained facilitators where you're encouraged to give and receive honest, authentic feedback, designed for you to develop into a more proficient leader with the perfect opportunity to practice speaking authentically.

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