PRINCE2 Agile® - the wait is over!

We are proud to announce that from the end of September, we will be running PRINCE2 Agile courses. Due to popular demand, AXELOS has put together a syllabus which includes all the responsiveness and flexibility of Agile combined with the structure and control of PRINCE2.


Quanta's own trainer, Tim Finch is best-placed to lead this course with many years' experience both delivering PRINCE2 as well as Agile courses.


"PRINCE2 and Agile are often used together in organisations. There are many courses and qualifications that will teach you about either PRINCE2 or Agile. Although all of Quanta's Agile courses highlight the differences and similarities between PRINCE2 and Agile, this is the first course that specifically marries the two subjects" says Tim.


As well as covering the standard Agile practices of User Stories, time-boxing and iterative working, the PRINCE2 Agile course also covers the “flow-based” working style that comes from Kanban.


This three-day course prepares you for a PRINCE2 Agile practitioner exam. Prerequisites for the course are that you hold a PRINCE2 Practitioner qualification.


In order to mark the launch, we're delighted to offer early-bird discounts to the lucky few who also get to be some of the first PRINCE2 Agile practitioners in the country.


If you already have a PRINCE2 practitioner qualification, you qualify to attend the PRINCE2 Agile practitioner course. Get your exam at no cost if you book a place on the PRINCE2 Agile course.


For those who had the PRINCE2 practitioner qualification which has unfortunately lapsed, we don't want you to miss out: you can get yourself up to scratch within a week by getting the PRINCE2 practitioner re-registration course for free when you book a place on a PRINCE2 Agile course.


Find out more about PRINCE2 Agile here. If you'd like to discuss your options with a member of our team, get in touch.