AgilePM vs Scrum vs PRINCE2 Agile

Submitted by Tim Finch on Wed, 29/7/2015 - 10:28

We currently offer three basic approaches to Agile working: Scrum, DSDM and PRINCE2 Agile® – what’s the difference?

Despite Agile methodologies proving to be effective in organisations around the world, there are still companies who are nervous of adopting an Agile approach. Often, senior management perceive there to be a lack of control in Agile methodologies. Once you know Agile, you’ll understand that this is incorrect – Agile methods should give you far more control than using a non-Agile approach.

So why the nervousness? Partly it’s because methodologies like Scrum deliberately dismantle traditional forms of management. For example, in Scrum, there is no role called 'project manager', no 'project board', no 'stage boundaries', and an alarming reluctance to create documents such as a business case, a project plan, gantt charts, work packages and product descriptions. Although many organisations use Scrum to manage projects, Scrum has no hard and fast concept of a project, a project lifecycle, or artifacts such as a project proposal. Despite this, it's still the most popular type of Agile and continues to work wonders for companies around the globe. Find out about our Scrum Master course here.

Enter DSDM (AgilePM). AgilePM adopts most of the same techniques as Scrum, but the focus of DSDM is to produce an Agile methodology that fits neatly with PRINCE2® 'without duplication of effort. DSDM retains the idea of projects, project managers, boards, stages (increments), business cases, pre-project work and project proposals. In addition, AgilePM suggests a large number of documents that can be created if desired, with free templates of the documents available. Finally, AgilePM recommends a control structure based on 'manage by exception, which it shares in common with PRINCE2®.

DSDM was created at around the same time as Scrum, (early 1990s), so has a long track record of success. A visit to the DSDM website will reveal plenty of solid case studies of DSDM being used with good results. Find out about our DSDM Agile Project Management course.

Hot on the heels of AgilePM is PRINCE2 Agile, a lighter-touch way of combining Agile with PRINCE2. This course shows you how you can get the best of both worlds; introducing the basic concepts of using Agile, whilst demonstrating how you can introduce them within the increased structure of a PRINCE2 environment. AXELOS has put together this new syllabus after market demand from project managers who wanted to make PRINCE2 a little less rigid. Find out about PRINCE2 Agile here.

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