Welcome to the Quanta Blog!

Quanta BlogIt is hard to know what to say in the first post such as this one.  Trying to come up with a witty and imaginative title has obviously failed.  So I think we will start with the why.  Why have we launched a blog?

From listening to what our customers say the one thing that stands out is the fact that people love the feel of Quanta, the quality of the whole experience.  From booking, through to arrival and Marion's warm welcome and then the trainers themselves.

We want to extend that experience to everyone we can and that is one of the main reasons we thought it was about time we started our very own Quanta Blog.

Now for the what.  What are you likely to find ion our blog?  Over the coming weeks, months and years there will be posts here from everyone within the business and you will be able to find things such as:

  • Our trainers thoughts on new software and technology
  • Tips on software, hardware and support from our IT helpdesk
  • How we have helped companies achieve their goals
  • Our reactions to different things in the press
  • Sneak previews on up and coming course
  • Our experiences of training that we feel should be shared
  • And anything else we want to share with you

How about the how.  How can you be kept updated?  For your convenience we have created a Quanta Blog RSS feed or you can simply check back here every week to see what's new!

And finally the who.  This is not just all about us, it is your blog as much as ours, you have the right to reply, so please feel free to comment on as many posts as you like!