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Updates to Visual Studio courses

As the user becomes more discerning in this fast-moving technological world, delivering a seamless and quick user experience remains at the centre of all application development. As a result, we have updated two of our Visual Studio courses to accommodate this evolving landscape.

Training done well - delivery is the tip of the iceberg

In a LinkedIn training group I frequent, I often see posts looking something like: "I'm holding a workshop on communications plz share your plans". Did I say a post? More like 'a heading without further content' is a more accurate description.

Nonetheless, the irony of demonstrating an inability to communicate effectively (no details of intended audience, session objectives, addressed problem) nor the utter cheek of soliciting complete strangers to perform design effort for them, posts like this occur quite frequently.

The challenges of embedding a coaching culture

I've come across many companies embarking on an in-house coaching programme with the assumption that it'll be straight-forward; train up a number of coaches, let your employees know it’s available, then expect to see results… but not quite!


Negotiation: what's your alternative?

We've all been in that testing situation when negotiating a car insurance renewal, buying a new car, or even negotiating the terms of a job offer. The outcome of a situation will often depend on your preparation and what you're willing to lose or gain.


New Windows server overview courses

We have two new courses to add to our Windows 2012 Server repertoire. Each course lasts 5 days and gives you all the necessary information you need to configure, manage and maintain your Windows Server 2012 network.

The new courses we've added are:

What we've got here is a failure to communicate

Language is in many ways, probably humanity’s greatest invention. And yet, in many ways, it's also completely useless. Consider this, the Oxford dictionary definition of the word ‘irony’.



What's the best way to learn?

The 70-20-10 model, formulated in the 1960s has been a long-standing framework in the learning world.  This model is centered around the idea that lessons learned by successful and effective managers aren't solely discovered in the classroom or from books.

How to get into safe mode in Windows 8, Server 2012 or Windows 10

A question I often get asked is how to get into safe mode on the new Windows operating systems such as Windows 8, Windows 10 and Server 2012.  One answer is you shouldn’t have to – if Windows detects problems (for instance with the registry and / or drivers) it should automatically launch the Recovery Environment (aka Win-RE) - but that is a little unsatisfying. Suppose you had some malware that was able to auto launch and was disrupting normal operations. In that case you might want to manually force a safe mode boot and investigate the issue further.

Our top TED talks

From thinking twice before you accept a meeting attendance request, to keeping management processes simple, these nuggets of advice sound like common sense but we'll all admit that sometimes we have to be reminded! We've always been big fans of TED talks at Quanta. We hope that this list of collated TED talks will give you some inspiration and provoke a little thought.


COBIT 5.0 – the five principles

COBIT is based on 5 principles - since COBIT is about providing alignment and control, it is worth noting that these principles can also be applied to other sources of best practice which might be used within your enterprise, such as ITIL®, PRINCE2®, MSP® or other sources of guidance in the industry. These principles apply to information governance first and foremost. Any of these sources of best practice which generate information and require control can benefit from the application of COBIT and these principles.

5 things about Windows 10

With a release date at the end of July, this highly-anticipated operating system will be addressing the previous short-comings of its predecessors such as Internet Explorer and the curious disappearance of the much-loved Start menu. The logical name of 'Windows 9' has been strategically side-stepped for the more rounded-sounding Windows 10.

Hoping to be its last major operating system overhaul, Windows 10 hopes instead to favour gradual updates on a regular basis to accommodate for changing consumer trends.

Here are the things you must know about Windows 10:

Case study: What's the value? - Scrum at Aroq

Aroq, an established information provider to the automotive, food, drink and clothing industries, was already using elements of scrum when Quanta came on the scene. Aroq found that even with the best intentions, scrum is easy to learn but hard to do.

SQL server transaction log size issues

One of the most common questions we get asked on our SQL Server courses is why do my transaction logs keep getting bigger?  Transaction logs record changes made to your databases and are used primarily to support different types of recovery. This blog post will concentrate on recovery where you restore a database backup and want to recover changes made after the database backup. In full recovery model, changes made to your database are recorded in the transaction log and are potentially kept indefinitely - that can cause your transaction log to grow without bounds!